About Ambrosia

What to Expect

Expect to have your expectations exceeded with our product and our service. Our slogan is “Let Your Imagination Be Our Guide,” and we stand by that. Present us with your ideas and concept and we will offer our expertise on how to make it happen effectively and efficiently. We want to create products that you and those who you care about will treasure forever. I am not ashamed to tell you that I receive calls from clients years after their events, thanking me again for my amazing service and product.


Why Us?

Ambrosia Video Productions differs from other production companies in that we offer highly specialized packages unique to each client and our versatile team is able to produce video and audio media for anything from feature films, to weddings, to music videos or commercials for your business. We are proud to have worked with today’s leading companies and innovators. We work with many international clients as well.
We are proud to offer the following services:
Videographers, Photographers, Deejays, Video Editors, Musicians and Comedians.
We record in 1080pHD, we provide a variety of cameras, microphones, lighting, studio space, gear and tripod equipment to ensure an absolutely stunning video and audio presentation.

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