Amanda has been dancing since the age of five, and has taught professionally for almost 10 years. Her main areas of expertise include all forms of ballroom and swing, the most common types of dance used in weddings. She has experience with competitive dance, choreography, group instruction, instruction of small children, and private instruction. She and her professional partner Chris have competed nationally for the past 3 years. Amanda and professional partner, Chris Stewart, dancing in a San Diego Lindy hop competition: I am a passionate person who wants to make a difference through art. I put my heart and soul into my work and never fail to give 100 percent. I love interacting with others and getting the chance to make someone feel good about themselves through dance.Your First Lesson It’s on us! Your first 45-minute lesson is complimentary. This lesson will give you a feel of what the full course will be like. For absolutely new dancers, you’ll learn the basics of leading and following. If you already know a little about dance, we’ll give you a few basic moves and focus more on technique. We’ll also discuss music selection, tempo, and genre. First Dance Lesson At the end of the lesson, your instructor will be able to determine which lesson package suits you best, and will be able to set up schedule for the coming weeks and months. Lessons are conducted at our studio space in. All dance lessons are private, just you and your instructor in a private studio space-so you can enjoy your lessons and focus on learning with your partner. No worries about sharing the floor or music system with other couples, like at larger studios. The studio is fully mirrored with beautiful vintage wood floors-ready for you to put on your dancing shoes. If our location is not convenient for you, we’re willing to go where you are, and find a studio that is local to you. It’s all included! Your lesson purchase includes studio space (we take care of that), so you do not have to be concerned with booking appointments or cost. Just meet us there! If one of the above studio spaces is not convenient for you, just let us know where you are and we’ll find a closer studio space. There are dance studios all throughout Southern California, so this is usually easy to do. Your dance lessons should be convenient and hassle-free, and we’d like to do everything we can do make that happen.

Lessons by Amanda Hanson Gates

7 lessons this would be a really solid first dance, choreography included. I think of this as a standard offering. Most couples will feel pretty awesome after this number of lessons. This would be for couples that want to feel confident on the dance floor, learn the basics of dancing together, lead and follow, and learn some fun choreographed moves set to the music, including an entrance and dip/exit.
2. Couples that want lessons for, them but also want to do parent dances (father daughter/mother son). Lessons can be distributed however is deemed best buy the couple and I while working together.

12 lessons this is an expanded package that can operate in a few different ways. For couples who want to do a special surprise dance, or a few songs spliced together (does not include music cutting-I usually work with the couples DJ to make that happen if needed)

3. Couples who want a more elaborate choreography-ala dancing with the stars
We tend to favor packages since knowing how much time I have with a couple greatly increases my ability to make sure they are satisfied with their dance.