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Intersections of love

Commemorate the moment your paths first crossed with this personalized art.

Skilled tailors craft these multi colored kimonos...

Robe yourself in a bouquet of violet lilacs, blushing hydrangeas, and fuchsia orchids.

Comfort meets style in this silk kimono. It's handmade from dazzling fuchsia.


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Website for your family

Please yourself, your close friends, beloved relatives and your future children.

Order the solemn event service at Ambrosia Event Services before July 25, 2019 and you will receive as a gift a website that will begin the story of your life together for many years.

You will delight your loved ones on your website with your travels or the birth of your beloved first child! Or with passion you will talk about your favorite impressions ...

All waiting for an entertaining and endless story of your family!

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Our story.

Tell us your fascinating story of your meeting and how I / you made a marriage proposal in one of our groups on the social network. A story that collects more likes will receive a 20% discount on video filming services!


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