Viktor Villmann
Software Developer

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My goal is to create the perfect image of your company.

I am a professional web designer and developer:

Landing pages

Business cards

Online stores

• I have a university degree in programming
• 6+ years of practical experience in responsive web design
• Perfectly know WordPress.
• Exceptional interface skills (HTML5 / CSS3 / JavaScript / jQuery)
• The ability to visualize, model, design and encode an intuitive, functional and clean design.
• A good understanding of the latest web trends.
• Excellent project management and service delivery
• I work well in graphics programs such as: Movavi Photo Editor, Adobe Photoshop, Paint.NET, PixBuilder Studio, Photoscape, PhotoInstrument, Artweaver, Inkscape
• I work well in video programs such as: Adobe Premiere Pro, Sony Vegas Pro, Pinnacle Studio, Corel VideoStudio Pro, Camtasia Studio, Magix Movie Edit Pro
• I love working in creating design for websites and advertising.

I have accumulated a really great experience in creating websites for various business areas, so I will help you correctly go through all the preparatory stages and avoid frequent mistakes.

What questions to ask before creating a site? What to pay close attention to? What types of sites are most relevant now?
Creating a website is a responsible process, which consists of several stages and a huge number of features that require attention from both the customer and the development team.

However, the preparation before the start of all the work is also important – I will tell about it in this article…

This is only a small part of my work:

Web sites...

Multifunctional and full-screen sites, they are great for business, portfolio, IT companies, product windows, freelancers and anyone who appreciates good design. Flexible headings and navigation are available for one or several pages of the site. All works contain clean and accurate code that makes websites “live”. All sites are adapted to all devices (phone, tablet, computer).

Photoshop and Web Design...


Before building a new website (or undergoing a redesign), ask yourself a few fundamental questions…
1. What are the goals of the website?
2. Who are the target customers or clients?
3. How will I drive traffic to the website?
4. Who is going to update the website, and how often?
5. How much will website maintenance or updates cost?
Already have an existing website? Not to worry…any common web design mistakes can be corrected with some thought and effort.
Outline the basics of your web strategy first. Then, take care in avoiding the following costly errors before designing and developing your website.

Creating videos...


This question was asked by everyone who ordered a video for their company. The question of the timing of production of the second most popular after the question of cost.
Very, few represent how much time it actually takes to create a video. Very often, the client turns to a specialist at the last moment, when the video is needed in a couple of days. In the end, everyone has to hurry, work in a hurry. Terms still fail, and the result leaves much to be desired.

You should know it!

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