5 Wedding Day Makeup Tips Every Bride Needs to Know



Your wedding can be the most photographed day of your life so it’s pretty normal to want everything to go smoothly, but for that to happen planning and organization are an absolute must. You’ll want the decor to be on point, the food to be delicious, the guests to be happy, the dance floor to be packed, the lighting to be ambient, the music to be perfect, among so many other things!


While there’s so much to consider on your special day, many brides forget to put that same amount of planning and effort into their makeup which can cause regret when they’re a smudged mess on their big day! They say a photo lasts forever, so let’s bring your wedding day make-up to the top of that long list! We’ve got five bridal make-up tips that’ll save you tears and frustration on your wedding day so you can look perfectly polished from every angle:


1. Wedding Seasons


Celebrity make-up artist Amber Dreadon recommends considering the season your wedding takes place in and suggests that brides tailor their choice of foundation to the expected weather conditions in that season. For winter, you should opt for a foundation that won’t look too dry or flat, for summertime avoid make-up that’ll get shiny quickly from sweating, and if your wedding events are scheduled to run from morning to night, you’ll definitely want long-lasting coverage! For summer brides, make-up artist Chauntal Lewis recommends prepping the skin with an anti-shine, water resistant primer to get that flawless finish you’re looking for, but for fall or winter weddings Chauntal recommends a fuller coverage foundation.


2. Staying Hydrated


Staying hydrated all year round is an age-old beauty tip for keeping your skin glowing and gorgeous, and this proven skincare rule of thumb still applies today. Smith & Cult Beauty Ambassador Elena Miglino highly recommends drinking enough water because “hydrated skin allows for the best application of make-up”.Hydrated skin will be plump and creates a smooth, moisturized base on which to apply your foundation. The healthier your skin, the easier it will be to achieve a flawless finish.


3. Choosing a Freelance Make-Up Artist


When choosing your make-up artist, you might want to consider a freelancer. Most freelance make-up artists offer bridal trials before the actual wedding day so you can discuss things like your skincare needs, try out different types and brands of makeup, and curate the perfect look for your big day with the help of a professional. Brides will have a better idea of which cosmetics last on their wedding day so there’s no surprises that can cause a literal meltdown!


4. Keeping Essential Beauty Products Readily Available Throughout Your Wedding Day


There are a few beauty essentials you need to keep on hand during all your wedding events like lipstick for touch-ups, lip-gloss for that extra shine, blotting papers for oil control, and a compact containing a mirror and pressed powder to help keep track of how you’re looking throughout the celebration.


5. Whiten Your Teeth


A smile is one of the most beautiful accessories you’ll wear on your special day, so be sure to use whitening products up to a few months before the wedding; your pearly whites will be dazzling and shining bright for the camera! For the best results, you should enlist the help of your dental professional to ensure a perfectly even white finish.



There are many different components to consider when planning a wedding and we know it’s easy to push bridal make-up to the bottom of that list. Planning ahead, getting professional help, test driving your look, and staying hydrated are all excellent ways to ensure you look as beautiful on the outside as you’ll be feeling on the inside. Radiate your inner beauty with confidence by following our tried, tested, and true makeup tips, and get ready to glam out like the queen you are!