Our Ambrosia balloon artists enjoy being creative and the reward they get in making someone happy and seeing that smile or surprise on their faces when we deliver their balloon sculptures. Ambrosia has provided Balloon artistry since 2016. We offer a unique selection of latex and foil balloons. When thinking of flowers, consider balloons…a great value for their size, impact & excitement! From simple to astounding, balloon decor’ brings life and color to your outdoor event. Dramatic arches, fountains and columns draw attention and crowds to your street fair, grand opening, and public or private function. Custom designs can enhance a stage, entrance or any focal point of your event. Also: Place this next Mylar balloons A wide variety of styles are available in our Mylar collection. From solid color shapes to the hottest characters, our inventory is sure to please toddlers to teens, weddings, corporate events, birthday and anniversary celebrations, thirty-something’s and grand parents, as well! We strive to keep the most current and popular styles in our ever changing selection. In addition, we can order characters and designs we do not stock if given ample notice. Styles shown do not always represent current stock – Garden bugs – Sun and Flowers – Fish – Kiddie Place this message next to the balloon statues Centerpieces Balloon Centerpieces don’t just decorate your table…they decorate the entire room. Our centerpieces are suitable for dining tables, buffets, registration tables or the bar. Our standard base to hold down the balloons is a Mylar weight. We also offer a variety of options as bases. Listed below are some of our more popular arrangements. Our minimum order is $48. There is nothing as pretty as balloons soaring to the peaks of a tent or swagging from poll to poll. Colors are always very vivid against the white of the canopy. For larger events, we can provide arches, centerpieces, columns, etc. We’ve continued our education by attending many balloon conventions, and continued education seminars to assure our clients always receive the best in creativity. Our mission is to provide high quality balloon delivery and decorating service worldwide with an affiliate network of independent professional balloon companies. Contact us via our toll free number for any and all balloon orders email us at’