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Every organization must develop because the world does not stand still. Sooner or later, more successful competitors, who use advanced information technologies, continuously improve themselves, their products, push out the rest from the market. The critical factor in the success of any organization is the presence in the staff of a team of highly qualified specialists. However, at the same time, one realizes that a professional is working in an organization will not give the manager a maximum return. Half of success in any project is an excellent reliable team. The team is essential and professional skills and experience of each of its members.

We understand how important the client's trust in us is, therefore we are always open to communication and guarantee you personal attention to the order. We also value your time - you can fully rely on us.

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Clients we've served:

Our team

Allen Newsum

Operations Director

Francine Veracruz

Event Manager

Harmony Lansing


Heid Blake

Marketing Manager


Board Meeting

Andrew with video camera man Michael

and photographer Walter

Jennifer Hughes

Administration Manager

Melody Kerns

Corporate Event Manager

Penny Henderson

Prop and Rental Manager

Amanda Cossey

Event Planner

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