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We built our business focusing on ways we could help those planning a significant event save time, money, and stress. The idea was to create a company that would make planning your wedding, corporate event, or special occasion a seamless, cost-effective, and stress-free smooth experience for our clients (like a one-stop-shop). Thankfully we have successfully established our goals, and the results have been saving our values clients thousands of dollars off their budget, all the while providing them exceptional high-quality event services. Now with 14 awesome event and rental companies, Ambrosia simplifies your event planning, production, or rental experience. Ambrosia Event Services event companies bring our clients freedom from stress, an enjoyable planning experience, and saves our clients a large sum of money on their event planning budget? Our clients love the options in the design and implementation of their vision for their dream wedding or event. Pick one of our companies or save by bundle our event services into a single cost savings plan. Whether your event is a birthday or anniversary celebration, a business party to honor clients, a wedding or Quinceañera, or whatever the special occasion. Because ensuring the success of your event is a priority for everyone here at Ambrosia. Make us your choice - the choice of your successful event-partner.

Today, Ambrosia Event Services means stability, creativity and practical solutions, openness to dialogue, and the sincere trust of our client's in what we do. We do not just make events, and we create lovely emotional memories!

READ THIS SO YOU UNDERSTAND HOW AMBROSIA CAN BE A HUGE BENEFIT TO YOU What does ” Your Single Source Solution to All of Your Event Services Needs” Mean? Ambrosia has created a better way to tackle event production, facilitating, and planning. With a more relaxed approach and our bundled services, we offer insights that no other company can. We work tirelessly to provide you with fantastic service, exceptional skills, and an event that will exceed all your expectations. Ambrosia is a state of the art event production company; our over 17 companies facilitate resources for weddings, corporate, and other special event occasions. We can streamline the process and the coordination of planning and executing an event. We provide exceptional services that have the option of being bundled into customized packages from one “single resource.” This way of planning saves substantial amounts of time, is much less overwhelming, and creates lasting connections. We are unique because we work as a team, a cohesive unit, to make your event extraordinary. We know how each of our services operates, and the expectations we set ourselves to ensure each guest receives the ultimate experience. 

We will respond to any, and all your event needs promptly.
We want you to know we are here for you. Therefore, you will always receive our very best in product and services.
Today people complain about the lack of service, respect, and consideration offered to clients and customers. That won’t happen here!
Our clients will always be treated with the dignity and respect you justly deserve.
Our clients mean everything to us, and it’s our sincere pleasure to serve you.
You will find that Ambrosia’s system removes stress, the hassles of planning an event, the endless driving, and searching for the right vendor. Our bundled system is perfect for the stressed-out bride.
Ambrosia will always provide professional expertise and provide our clients with an opportunity to express their dreams and visions with us.
Ambrosia’s team is highly motivated and passionate about making our client’s events extraordinarily successful.
Ambrosia will never sacrifice the quality of our work for the sake of saving our clients money.

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