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Hi, my name is Allen. I'm the operations manager here at Ambrosia. I want to share some highlights. I believe you'll find what we offer to be a simple, affordable solution to your event planning efforts. We professionally assist you in creating personalized iconic events for your wedding, business, private celebrations, soiree, galas, corporate parties, children's parties, reunions, anniversary celebrations, birthdays, or whatever your special occasion may be. Our focus is to improve your function, save you money and stress, and help you have fantastic event experience. With more than 100 years of combined expertise, we assure you that your event will be incredibly successful. Our expert boutique-style services and expert highly experienced professionals will no doubt help make your dream event come true.

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Ambrosia Event Services is an association of professionals from various industries who have worked in event-agencies, consulting, coaching, and the hotel business. At the same time, our specialists have a good education in the field of social psychology, marketing, economics, and have extensive practice as personal growth trainers and counselor psychologists. When ordering any event, you get the development of an individual concept of the game, the selection of premises, and the writing of the script - for free. We also offer to familiarize with some of our premises.

Ambrosia Event Services has a long history in organizing events of various formats - corporate events, conferences, presentations, grand opening, promotions, training and classroom games

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