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The Pinterest Fallacy: How DIY Projects Cost You More Than Just Your Sanity


We are living in a Pinterest world:  A world where everyone is expected to hand craft their own kombucha, painstakingly make their own cheese from scratch, meticulously arm-knit gigantic blankets, and hack their way into a perfect life.  Essentially, Pinterest and social media has convinced us all that in order to keep up with the Joneses, we not only have to live a picture perfect life – we also have to craft it ourselves, one DIY project at a time.

Often, the justification for DYing is the notion of saving time and money.  A quick search online will show you hundreds of articles like, “Top 10 Ways to DIY Your Way Out of Debt” or “5 Life Hacks to Save You Money”.  The allure of saving money by rolling up your sleeves and getting to work is tempting, for sure.  Unfortunately…

DIY projects rarely save you any time or money, and actually can put you at risk for much larger problems.  There have literally been studies done to prove it.



Here are four ways your next DIY project or event could cost you way more than your sanity.

It Can Cost You Money Professionals are professionals for a reason – not just because they know how to do something, but rather that they can do it efficiently. Professionals have connections, wholesalers, and years of expertise to deliver consistent results.   When factoring in time, supplies, licenses, rentals, and potential help, the average DIY event or project will cost three to four times the cost of hiring a professional.  And the unfortunate reality is that DIY events never turn out as well as a professionally orchestrated affair.

It Can Cost You Time honestly, it isn’t that it can cost you time:  It will.  DIY projects take up a significant portion of your own time, forfeiting time with family, loved ones, and personal self-care.  On average, it takes an amateur five to ten times longer to complete the same task as a professional.

It Can Cost You Safety  Imagine the well-intentioned father precariously hanging off two rickety ladders, standing on his tip-toes, attempting to hang up streamers or lights on a nine-foot ceiling before a party.  Or the DIY maid of honor attempting to set-up the chafing dishes at the reception, and nearly burning her eyebrows off when she got too close to the sterno.  Or the humble weekend warrior homeowners attempting to renovate their kitchen, coughing profusely while they breathe in the dust from the drywall.  Having a professional help you with your event, home improvement, or catering protects you from harmful accidents.  And speaking of accidents…

It Can Cost You – Legally Professionals are typically required to hold insurance for their business, and for good reason:  From food poisoning, to structural insecurity, to over-serving alcohol – no one wants to be liable for mishaps, accidents, or tragedies.  When you perform your own DIY project or do your own event – which can result in legal problems if the situation is big enough.

Now, the obvious exception to the DIY ban is if the activity is something you truly enjoy or dabble in during your spare time.  The cost of DIY is lessened when you find pleasure and satisfaction in the work.  However, for many of us, the risks simply outweigh the benefits.  We might live in a Pinterest world where we’re expected to be perfect, look perfect, and create perfect parties and projects – but it is all a façade.  Save yourself the time, anguish, and cost of DIY and let the professionals handle it.

Your sanity will thank you.



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