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The Unholy Creation of a Nightmare Bride

The Unholy Creation of a Nightmare Bride

…how wedding planning can transform a sweet Cinderella into a raging Bridezilla.

Every little girl grows up dreaming of her wedding day:  The towering sweet wedding cake, the elegant decorations, the pristine updo special occasion hair, her stunning wedding party, the matching bridesmaid dresses, the darling flower girl, the handsome groom, and of course, her dream wedding dress.  It is the day that every girl grows up fantasizing about and planning for.  In her mind, every single detail is utter perfection and magical – a true Cinderella story.

…so, why is it that so many peaceful princesses transform into a thundering Bridezilla when it comes to planning their actual wedding day?

The Secret Ingredient of Bridezilla

The reality is this:  Every bride has the potential to become a Bridezilla when it comes to planning her wedding – regardless how demure, laid back, or gracious the bride may be under any other circumstances.  The question then becomes, “What makes a bride morph from a princess to a Bridezilla?”

The toxic combination of pressure and expectations.

All of the minute details that she has dreamed about for years?  Those expectations can create increased pressure for every miniscule detail to translate perfectly on her special day.  The pressure can become completely overwhelming, especially if anything does not go exactly to plan.  The built expectations and the pressure to meet them can literally create a monster.


Rediscovering Cinderella on Your Wedding Day

Whether you are starting the wedding plan process yourself or know someone who is, one thing is for sure:  No one wants to become Bridezilla.  There are several things that you can do to reduce your stress level and deliver the beautiful expectations you have dreamed of your whole life, ensuring that you walk down the aisle as the elegant princess and not the crazed Bridezilla.

  • Value Your Time Planning a wedding is more than a full-time job:  It is at least five.  According to a recent study, the average wedding takes almost 600 hours to plan.  Ask yourself how you intend to succeed in your daily life, remain emotionally and physically healthy, and plan a wedding.  If you determine that either your daily life or health would suffer, it is time to delegate some of the planning to family, friends, or better yet, professionals.
  • Trust the Professionals The greatest bridezilla trap that most women fall into is thinking they have to do it all: Flowers, catering, scheduling, decorations, hiring vendors, invitations, and so on.  The desire to micromanage can become overwhelming and negate the purpose of hiring a team to help with the planning.  Find and hire a team that you trust, and leave the worrying to the professionals.
  • Schedule Non-Wedding Activities It can begin to feel like your wedding day is taking over your life, causing frustration and exhaustion.  For every three days of planning, schedule one day of 100% wedding planning free activities.  Get a massage, go on a date, watch a movie.  Practicing self care will increase your chances of walking down the aisle as the blissful bride you have always dreamed of.

Weddings are One Day.  Marriages are Forever.


Lastly, and most important of all, remember that your wedding is only one day in your life.  The wedding is the party, the marriage is the blessing.  At the end of the day, your wedding will be the first chapter in the story of your marriage.  Even if you have the occasional Bridezilla type moment, don’t let it distract you from the big picture:  You are standing with your friends and family professing your love for a partner you will walk through life with.  There will be ups, there will be downs – both on your wedding day and throughout your marriage.  It is all part of your story, and even if it isn’t always exactly as you expected it, it will be beautiful.


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