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Women’s misconceptions about men, love and sex

He does not talk about his feelings – it means he does not love me.
So sometimes women think, whose husbands do not like to spread about the feelings they experience. However, this is not evidence of dislike. The fact is that men are to some extent “emotionally illiterate.” They can spend hours analyzing the ups and downs of a football match or past parliamentary elections, but the sphere of feelings for them is a kind of “Terra incognita” (from Latin: Unknown land). They believe that that which is beyond logical prediction is not subject to discussion. Such ephemeral concepts as feelings are not an area in which men consider themselves competent. Therefore, it is probably unnecessary to demand from men that they tell (and especially in detail) their feelings.

The path to the heart of a man lies through his stomach
The fact that the way to a man’s heart lies through his stomach is in fact a very, very dubious statement. All the polls conducted on what men like most about women in women show that the ability to cook is in one of the last places. Other qualities of a woman are much more important for a man: tenderness, femininity, sensuality, care, loyalty. And through the stomach is only the path to satiety, obesity, drowsiness and laziness.

If a man often breaks into a cry, then this is a sign of his disrespect for a woman.
Everything is not so simple. Women scream less than men, not because they respect men more than they do. The fact is that the “responsibility” for the cry carries the male sex hormone – testosterone. The American scientist Harold Perski from the Albert Einstein Medical Center in Philadelphia proved that the degree of human aggressiveness depends on the concentration of this hormone. It turned out that in women it is produced in an amount of only 10% of the male level. It is possible that it is because of this that they are less likely to go on crying, and not because they treat their life mates with great respect.

Men love blondes with flawless shapes.
It has always been thought that men prefer women to have blond hair. But is it really? Not long ago, a survey was conducted in the United States of America to determine what men value in the appearance of women. 10,000 people were interviewed. As it turned out, contrary to popular belief, men still love brunettes, and especially with curly hair.

In the course of this survey, some other misconceptions about what men like in their girlfriends liked were debunked.

It turns out that the representatives of the stronger sex are not looking for companions with flawless forms. Many even believe that the appearance is not the most important thing. According to them, if a woman is a little plump, but pleasant and cheerful, then this is better than if she has a delightful figure, but in life she is a bore.

Many women are very fond of cosmetics, believing that with its help they become more attractive. However, men do not think so. In their opinion, the less cosmetics a woman has on her face, the better. Much of the men are for the natural look of women (although they like their lips to sparkle).

For lovers to let go long nails is also unpleasant news. The vast majority of men do not accept long nails – this, they say, is absolutely not necessary, and sometimes even unnerving.

In order to have a beautiful figure and like men, many women are engaged in aerobics, shaping, on simulators, etc. Men in general are not opposed to their companion being slim and in good shape, but they are annoying if it is only does that cares for her buttocks and thighs, and goes to the gym five times a week. So here, as elsewhere, moderation is required.

Men are not romantic
For some reason, many women think that for men sex is necessary as a purely physiological act, and intimacy is important only for women. In fact, this is not always the case. A man exactly wants to be loved, like a woman.

By the way, the opinion that “men need only sex” is not so harmless. If such an installation (“All men are dirty animals, they need only“ naked ”sex. And then he will leave you!”) Mothers put their daughters in their heads, this very often leads to the sexual coldness of girls when they grow up.

Men need sex more than women
In fact, so to speak. Another thing is that in women the desire to make love changes over the course of a month depending on the effect on the body of menstrual hormones. In men, this desire as a whole remains unchanged.

If a man in bed didn’t succeed, then he is impotent
This is a great nonsense, quite common among women. Almost every man has moments when nothing happens. Sometimes it is a consequence of stress, increased nervousness, or physical fatigue. Treat such cases with understanding and, most importantly, do not scold a man for it, otherwise it may go from an episodic to a chronic discharge.

Men can not simulate an orgasm
This is not true. This is the opinion of Ted McLivenna, Ph.D., president of the Institute for the Study of Human Sexuality, a research institute and college in San Francisco: “Almost every man has ever simulated an orgasm. When a group of specialists from the institute interviewed a group of 2,000 men, did they ever have to imitate an orgasm, almost one hundred percent answered positively. Sometimes a man drinks too much alcohol or quarrels with his partner. Not enough sexual arousal. As a result, a man just wants to somehow end with this case. ”

If one partner or another will simulate an orgasm regularly, serious relationship problems may arise. Simulating an orgasm is a form of deception, as experts say, and this can lead to lies in other areas of married life and, ultimately, undermine it.

For a man, sexual games must end in ejaculation, otherwise he is in pain.
Not necessarily. However, if you do this for hours, then, of course, somewhere, something can get sick. But usually men do not resist affection, even for hours. It is evident that this pain is not so terrible, especially since many men do not experience it after such sexual games.

“Do it!”
Of course, to enjoy sex, you must be sincere with each other, open and always say exactly what you want. But do not abuse the instructions. Some women “give out” in bed a large number of indications like: “Do it! Do not do that! Faster! Hush! Do not forget about my breasts! ”Men, in most cases, do not really like these teams, because the bedroom is not a barracks. Here it is appropriate to recall the saying that everything is good in moderation.

“And that was what I once had …”
There are women who think that they can raise their importance in the eyes of a man, if during love classes tell him their love stories describing their excellent sexual relationships with their former superlovers. Perhaps among men there are individuals who enjoy these stories, but most of these stories are not to their liking. And it is not surprising that, having heard plenty of stories about other people’s successes, the man himself will be untenable. Only he is not to blame for this, but the narrator.

Maybe it’s better to tell him how good, experienced and skillful he is, then he will turn mountains for you.

Shut up or speak?
Many women think that if a man is silent during intercourse, then he does not feel any special emotions for his partner. In fact, “emotionless silent sex” – is a myth. Great, of course, if, having sex, a man still has time to confess his love. However, very often a distraction to inventing compliments leads to a decrease in arousal of a man. Therefore, if a man cannot pronounce tender words during intercourse naturally and spontaneously, then it is not worthwhile to impose such a line of conduct on him. If before and after the “process” he is gentle and generous with compliments, then probably this is quite enough.

“Normal man” and orgasm
Many women (according to opinion polls, 23% of such women) are confident that if a man is “normal”, then he can reach orgasm without active participation on her part. In fact, without such participation, the man is likely to reach ejaculation (which is not always the same as orgasm), but this does not justify the passive position of the woman. Moreover, taking such a position in sex, women very often make excessive demands on men, expecting skill and ingenuity from them. Perhaps this approach is a kind of “relic” of the past, when it was considered that a decent woman during sexual intercourse should lie motionless. Modern views on sex are different: in sexual intercourse both parties must be active (to a greater or lesser extent).

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