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Who better to hide infidelity: men or women?

It turns out that unfaithful men are given not only inept excuses – deception is practically written on the face, like red lipstick on a white collar.

Psychologists who published a study in the journal Royal Society Open Science, found that both men and women are quite well determined by a man’s face whether he is prone to treason. But with a woman – everything is much more complicated.

Researchers at the University of Western Australia collected 1,500 people and showed them more than 180 photographs of men and women. Participants had to answer – whether the person in the photo is capable of treason.

As it turned out, 14% of men and 17% of women found traitors among men, but only 4% of men and 3% of women among women.

“We found that both men and women showed accurate answers in assessing male, but not female, faces, and we assume that the sex of a person is important, not that of the person who evaluates,” the authors write.

Perhaps treason is associated with more masculine faces – a sign that the study describes as “a well-established signal of a propensity to adopt short-term mating strategies.” On the other hand, a more feminine appearance does not seem to correlate with infidelity.

Participants also suggested that a handsome looking man is more prone to treason. Although statistics suggests otherwise.

“A person plays an important role in choosing a satellite – it talks about various aspects of quality, including genetics, diet, fertility, aggressiveness, and parental care. Recent studies show that our faces can also talk about infidelity, ”they write.

But do not judge the book on the cover. Despite the fact that the tendency to change in men is easier to detect, the results show that we most often make mistakes.

Source: ZME Science

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