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White people are the smartest. Is it so?

There is an opinion that white people are smarter than their black, yellow and red-skinned brethren. But is it?

American geneticist Luke Kovalli-Sforza, who works at Stanford University in California, in his book “Different and Still Same”, comes to a sensational conclusion: from the point of view of genetics, division into races is wrong. The external differences between, for example, the African pygmy and the Russian or Chinese and the North American Indian are caused by sharply differing environmental conditions. Only a few dozen genes “respond” to genetic inheritance of skin color or face shape, while the overwhelming part of them is identical in all human races.

What is interesting, according to Kovalli-Sforza, “white people” were not always so. Modern people appeared in Europe about 35 thousand years ago, having moved from Asia Minor. At first, they were far from a white skin, but gradually due to poor nutrition, especially due to the excessive content of cereals in food, which led to a lack of vitamin D in the body, the Europeans “lost” the skin pigment that dyes the skin in dark color.

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