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White bear attacks container with operator: video

Filming on Svalbard almost turned into a tragedy.
Scottish wildlife photographer Gordon Buchanan, together with colleagues on BBC Earth TV channel filmed the story about polar bears. For the safety of the process, a transparent container was set up among the ices, where a person could at any moment hide. And so it happened: noticing the approaching bear, the operator went to this shelter. However, the hungry animal, feeling the smell of prey, began to attack the container. “She is getting closer and closer. My God, she is huge, ”- comments on the events of Buchanan.

For 45 minutes, the bear tries to break open the door, shakes the container and leans upon it with her body. The “film set” has stood the test: without getting what was desired, the weary predator leaves. But Buchanan’s adventures did not end there: after the video of the attack was widely spread all over the planet, the vice-governor of Spitsbergen sent a letter to the management of the TV channel, criticizing for violating local environmental laws. The invasion of wildlife was estimated at 50,000 NOK (about 6,000 British pounds).

According to the administration, demanding to pay a fine: video filming itself is so close to the animals that it worries and leads to stress. But even worse is the creation of such a potentially dangerous situation: if the bear managed to damage the container, Buchanan’s colleagues would start shooting at it in order to save a comrade.

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