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Walruses jump off rocks and die. Why are they doing that?

In the autumn of 2017, about 250 walruses in Russia, having climbed the rocky slopes overlooking the beach, simply sighed down and crashed to death. About why they do that, told The Athlantic.

Normally, walruses do not climb to high surfaces. Their limit in their natural habitat is ice floes, which, as a rule, are not afraid of falling from water. That is why the walrus, who has risen on a rock, does not understand what will happen to him if he falls from it just as he did from an ice floe. And well, if the rock is not high, and the walrus is not very heavy, because then he has a chance to survive. But in most cases it is just the opposite.

Another English biologist, who lived in the last century, wrote about what happens to animals if they fall from a waterfall: “the mouse gets a light shock and leaves, the rat dies, the human body breaks all the bones in the body, and the horse breaks into pieces”. And what happens to the walrus? Many of them simply die on impact, or kill those they fell on. Some of them receive internal injuries, and then they are carried away to the sea, where they die. But why do they do it?

And really, why walrus to jump from the rocks? Polar bears do not bother them. Film crews shoot from afar so that smells and sounds do not scare away these animals. So why? What did walruses generally do on the tops of the rocks? Scientists have a clear answer: “This is all due to climate change. Walruses would jump from ice floes if they were. ”

And while scientists tend to blame climate change for everything, in fact, it is not only this indisputable fact that affects the walrus suicide. It is possible that animals climb onto the rocks because of predators that are chasing them. And then, not finding a way out, they jump from the rocks.

Man can do nothing with this, as well as level the rocks near the walrus habitat. Scientists note that recently walrus suicides have been particularly frequent. Environmentalists are taking all possible measures to prevent such incidents, but we can do little to save these timid and a little stupid animals.
Source: The Athlantic

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