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The strangest excursions

Most tourist excursions are pretty monotonous. People are led to look at museums and ruins, and after all, one wants something original. Once there is demand, then there is a proposal. There are some pretty original excursions that are very unlike ordinary ones.

Some of these events are even risky for tourists, but you just can’t go for an interesting pastime. Yes, and these tours will obviously expand the horizons and learn the secret life of a new country.

Normal people do not go here, and the guides are not quite adequate. But isn’t it interesting? Here is an example of several really strange excursions that will appeal to the extreme tourist.

A trip to the funeral. Unusual, but the free service offered to tourists in Bali, Indonesia. The attitude to life and death here is somewhat different than in Western civilization. So, death for many Indonesians is not a mourning, but a holiday. This is a happy event, so at a funeral it is customary to have fun here and even arrange colorful processions, like a parade. The funeral pyre is a rather expensive procedure, so people are buried here in two stages. First, the deceased is buried in the ground, at the local cemetery. But this traditional procedure does not end there. The family begins to save money for a rather expensive cremation. It may already cost more than 5 thousand dollars. It is the burning and is the main part of the celebration. After all, it is believed that at this moment the deceased finally breaks away with all earthly things, which is his. That is why the audience here is welcome, look at the burning of the name of tourists. And pretending to be grief is not necessary. On the contrary, relatives will only be happy if tourists wish to take a picture against the funeral pyre.

Hike to the slums. Typically, tourists tend to avoid the wrong side of life of megalopolises, preferring cultural institutions and lighted streets. But there are also lovers of contrasts. They are best seen in India. Here, in Mumbai, you can order a tour for $ 60, which will demonstrate in all its beauty the famous local slums. In the area of ​​Dharavi, on an area of ​​215 hectares, one and a half million people live together. There is no sewage or water supply in these slums, but the volume of the shadow economy is $ 600 million. There are hundreds of tourists who, despite the pungent odors, are ready to wander through the streets among the garbage for hours, looking into the shacks of the inhabitants. Only here you can see how people do not even live, but exist in inhuman conditions. In the shacks there are bare walls and a lonely bulb, many Indians live on $ 12, which is the official poverty line. But seeing such terrible poverty is an excellent remedy for depression. After this spectacle you begin to treat with grace the benefits of civilization, to the same conditioner in the hotel. Tourists understand how really lucky they are.

To visit white sharks. Everybody is afraid of sharks, but some dare to overcome their fear and recharge themselves with adrenaline. Especially for them in the open ocean near Cape Town organized tours right on a visit to the white sharks. Journey to the start of the dive into the underwater world lasts 20 minutes in a motorboat. Then the daredevils are lowered down in an iron cage, where hungry predators crawl. The depth of the dive here does not reach ten meters, but tourists should not behave too carefree. After all, white sharks are the most dangerous predators of the sea. Therefore, it is not recommended to push the limbs and cameras out of the cage. Indeed, in the case of a bite, you can easily die from blood loss, and the entire limb to lose a great risk. And the predators here are lured closer to the tourists with the help of pieces of fresh fish. It is no secret that white sharks have a phenomenal sense of smell, they can feel a drop of blood several kilometers away. The entire excursion to the sea predators takes 4 hours, but in the intervals between dives, extreme tourists can have a bite on the deck of the boat. And there is such a close acquaintance with sharks about 150 dollars.

Journey through the underground river. We can admire the beauty of the most beautiful cities, without even knowing about its inside, about what is happening under our feet. A trip to the depths of the Parisian sewers is cheap, only about $ 5. But this will allow you to see the depth of the most beautiful city in the world. And the tour begins near the iconic Eiffel Tower. You just need to enter the inconspicuous door and begin your journey through the underworld of Paris. The Museum of Sewage is shocking unprepared tourists, because there are no windows and historical exhibits. Guests are invited to inspect the actual city cloaca. I must say that in the local gloomy dungeon are kept a lot of secrets that have nothing to do with the original purpose of the sewer. The tour winds along the bank of the stinking river, tourists are forced to follow the guide, afraid to get lost. But how many interesting stories will the conductor tell about the history of the toilets not only of Paris, but of the entire civilization throughout its history. And getting lost is really easy here – the total length of the tunnels of the Parisian fetid river is 2100 kilometers. In the local twilight it is easy to feel like a hero of “Les Miserables”, only the smell does not allow you to form a truly romantic atmosphere.

Feeding stingrays. This tour is available in the Cayman Islands for 30 euros. Here you can get acquainted with the huge stingrays, very friendly, by the way, individuals. A half-hour trip on a yacht will end in the shallow ocean. Here awaits tourists a whole flock of electric stingrays. Funny fish are still quite dangerous, they may well hit the offender with a current of 300 volts. But most of all they adore food, so much so that in exchange for a slice of bread, annoying tourists suffer. The slopes even allow you to stroke yourself and squeeze, and even the bravest tourists kiss dangerous fish. Locals say that it all began with a long-standing local tradition of feeding stingrays on Sundays, at the end of the church ministry. Today, feeding stingrays in the Caribbean has become a popular tourist attraction.

Hallucinogenic excursion. Only in Holland is such a free attitude towards soft drugs that relaxation with a jamb in one’s hand is considered almost a symbol of democracy. And Amsterdam for 125 euros you can participate in a very unusual bicycle marijuana tour. Thanks to him, a whole world of forbidden pleasures will open up, which are simply forbidden in other countries. This unusual tour will show what types of cannabis are, and how they differ, how best to make your first joint and how to make a can of marijuana. And in the Museum of cannabis, tourists are happy to take pictures on the background of this useful and beautiful plants. The guide will tell you quite frankly where to buy mescaline and how best to cook hallucinogenic mushrooms. Even in Holland they are forbidden to sell in ready-made dry form, but no one bothers to dry them and then use them in privacy. The program includes visits to the best coffee shops and, of course, tasting. Eyes scatter from the abundance in the menu of different varieties of hashish and marijuana at low prices, and for a snack you should leave cookies with the same hemp.

Excursion to Chernobyl. At one time, tens of thousands of people were taken out of this zone, and today excursions take place to a place of alienation a hundred kilometers from Kiev. For Western tourists, a trip to this dangerous place will cost about a hundred euros. Only here you can see what the world can look like after an atomic war. The dead city of Pripyat, which is an excellent backdrop for horror films, is striking. On deserted streets, the wind chases the leaves reddened by radiation, and in school classes lie open exercise books with a terrible date written on April 27, 1986. Guests are invited to climb the observation deck and from there to see the infamous Chernobyl nuclear power plant and the sarcophagus around its 4th power unit. In the program of excursions there is a walk through the radioactive forest. The organizers assure guests that a visit to the once-forbidden zone is no more dangerous today than a trip to an x-ray. And in the dining room of the Chernobyl Specialized Plant they offer to try an environmentally friendly lunch. But to stock up for a visit to this place with a Geiger counter would not hurt. Guests pass through several checkpoints that do not allow strangers here. On the way to Chernobyl, tourists are led to the extinct village of Kopachi, where they hit an abandoned kindergarten with dusty toys waiting for their owners.

Tour of the Red Light District. Amsterdam has long been valued not for its architectural merit, windmills, Van Gogh and Heineken. This city is a place where you can really explore all kinds of debauchery. After all, there are legalized many drugs and prostitution. There are several companies that are ready to show all the nuances of backstage life confused. In the Red Light district, the priestess of love are hiding behind the windows, but what is inside? Tourists are offered to plunge into the world of sex shops, erotic museums and the very windows. In some places you can even try hardcore devices on yourself and end up in voluptuous handcuffs. The guide will tell a lot of interesting legends and facts about this amazing area. For some, it is very interesting and informative, but there are also those who, having returned to their rooms, try to wash off all this “dirt”.

Visit the crop circles. Great Britain is a popular country among tourists. Studying London alone can take weeks. England – this is the queen, and the Beatles, and Big Ben, and the traditional tea party. Fans of the unusual visit the mysterious and mystical Stonehenge. But there is another unusual tour. Tourists are invited to consider fancy crop circles from a height. Then guests can walk around these quaint creations of the mysterious and maybe even alien powers. The guide will tell you about the UFOs that you saw here before the appearance of the circles. Only here the organizers absolve themselves of responsibility, without guaranteeing their performance in strange zones of cameras and electronics. Participation in such excursions is not recommended for people with a built-in pacemaker.

In the footsteps of a maniac. People go to Los Angeles, dreaming of seeing Hollywood and its stars. However, this city also has its dark inside. There are several companies that will show the true sights of the “City of Angels”. It turns out that there is a very developed underworld, about which the story will go. Of particular interest is the tour in the footsteps of “The Family” of Manson and the high-profile murders made by this maniac in the 1960s. Tourists are invited to inspect the places where Manson killed his victims and by what routes he left the scene of the crime. On the way, they show a tap where the murderers washed off the blood of one of the most famous victims, Sharon Tate. Curious show those discs that played in the restaurant, when the actress there last ate. The tour turns out to be painfully intriguing, and the reality is far from what Hollywood shows.

Ganja Tour in Jamaica. This island attracts not only its resorts and clear water. Jamaica is known for its son, the real reggae messiah, Bob Marley. The musician was famous for his irrepressible love for marijuana. On the island it is easy to find several tours that will highlight the main stages and places of life of Bob Marley. These excursions are called “Tour Ganja.” The fact is that they pass through the village “Nine Mile”, where the Rastafarian cult was formed. It is said that these excursions include the secret part of visiting real cannabis plantations. Not far from the burial site of the reggae guru, guests can purchase plants at a favorable price through openings in the price – after all, marijuana in Jamaica is officially banned. And although it is not stated directly about this part of the program on websites or in brochures, travel is not recommended for people under 18 for obvious reasons.

Familiarity with voodoo. In 2010, Haiti experienced a strong earthquake that devastated the country. Among the few remaining sights of the country remained the local magical tradition – voodoo. Tourists come here to see the live show of the priests and explore this religion firsthand, and firsthand. In Haiti, intellectually inquisitive travelers are invited to take part in the ceremony. Perhaps even the ritual sacrifice of the animal. To participate in such a tour you will need fearlessness and full confidence in your security from mysterious dark forces.

Sin City Tour. Sin City is the second name for Las Vegas. It was originally built as an oasis in the desert. People had to come here to relax and surrender to their vices. The abundance of money could not fail to attract the attention of criminal structures. So, in addition to luxury hotels, casinos and stage shows, Las Vegas has its other life. You can book a bus and ride with a tour of the historical places of the city. They will show you where the bloody killings took place, and how crime took control of the city. The guide tells about the dark secrets of Vegas, the gatherings of killers and their bosses. To learn more about Las Vegas, it’s worth getting such information, which is not so festive and carefree.

Journey through the prison. In the Bolivian prison of San Pedro, the prisoners themselves for a small fee will spend tourists on their unusual correctional institution. And although the authorities do not officially allow this, bribes to guards and officials open the forbidden doors. San Pedro is an unusual prison where it is allowed to live with their families along with prisoners. You just have to pay the rent for it. For people with money, the prison is a pretty comfortable place with many amenities, and the poor are forced to share their shacks with rats. Another interesting detail – the guards are located only on the outside of the gate. The police trust the local population. There is no doubt that a journey through unguarded territory, and even accompanied by criminals, is an extreme excursion. Guests need to hope that on the way back someone will meet them with the keys at the gate.

Behind the scenes of Bollywood. India is not only numerous temples, cultural and historical monuments, but also slums. Unusual see Bollywood tour. In the very center of this cinema center, in Mumbai, guests can see what is happening behind the scenes. Here there is a real penetration into the industry of creating a colorful music world by one of the most prolific enterprises in the country. It turns out that every year Bollywood produces more than 800 films, which is twice as high as Hollywood. And let the majority of ribbons be built on patterns – love stories, songs and dance numbers with more than a hundred participants. A Bollywood tour will be able to show how all these difficult dances are staged, you can even see real shootings with local movie stars. What is not a way to instill in yourself a love for Indian pop culture?

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