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The new Samsung smartphone fails after a couple of days. The reason lies in the unique screen

Samsung Galaxy Fold is an unusual new smartphone with a bending screen. Prior to his appearance on store shelves, the Korean technology giant decided to distribute several copies of the gadget to reporters and columnists. This turned into a real PR disaster for Samsung.

It began with the magazine Verge, which published a devastating report on the smartphone, mentioning the unpleasant bulge on the bend of the seven-inch screen. Convex? Is that a problem? Following Verge, columnist Steve Kovacs from CNBC released his article – in it, he said that half of the screen of the Samsung Galaxy Fold just “died” after one day of use.

And this is just the beginning. YouTube columnist Marquez Brownlee, better known as MKBHD, wrote a warning on Twitter for those who are testing a gadget. He urged them not to peel off the thin film from the screen — after he did this, the display stopped working.

“I thought that I was just stupid and didn’t understand a smarphone. But it turned out that I am not the only one. Mark Gourmet [Bloomberg], Dieter Bon [The Verge] and Steve Kovach [CNBC] accidentally broke the gadget, ”Brownly added.

Samsung has not commented on the situation.
Source: Futurism

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