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The Chinese have connected a monkey and a human brain. What came of it?

Today, science is tight control over scientists. Therefore, the mad experiments of evil geniuses have long been left behind. But even among the allowed experiments there are those that make you shiver. As a result of one of these experiments, scientists have obtained a hybrid of the brain of the macaque and man.

Change brain

The easiest way to today to drastically change the body of an animal is to change or activate any gene inside its cells. To do this, scientists use special molecules that can edit the genome. With the help of one of them, a Chinese scientist this year announced the birth of two genetically modified children.

A new experiment opens up far greater prospects for changing the human body. Scientists from China have introduced the human MCPH1 gene into the genome of rhesus macaques embryos. Previous studies have shown that this gene is involved in brain growth – babies born without it have the small size of this organ. Thus, scientists hoped to get macaque geeks with an increased brain volume. Did they manage it?

Improved intelligence

The researchers simply injected the viruses that carry the gene into monkey embryos, and then allowed the monkeys to develop in a natural way. Eleven macaques were born with an altered genome, but only five survived. They were checked to see what effect the human gene had on their development and abilities.

Transgenic macaques did not observe an increase in brain size above the norm, but they were better tested for memory and pattern recognition. The results of the research and its methodology were strongly criticized in the scientific community. Other scientists felt that the addition of human genes associated with brain development into the monkey genome did not meet ethical standards.

But while we are talking about the ethics of certain experiments, the Chinese are making sensational discoveries one after another. If it continues like this, they may be able to make a man out of a monkey in the truest sense of the word.
Source: MedicalExpress

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