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Teeth whitening does more harm than good. Explain why

Have you ever thought that things that are useful at first glance can be harmful to your health? Here, for example, teeth whitening using special strips can harm the body, and the sense of it will be much less.

A person’s tooth consists of three layers: the outer enamel, the dentin layer, and the connective tissue that connects the root to the gum. Enamel contains little protein, while dentin makes up most of the tooth and has a large amount of protein. It is dentin that is the basis of the tooth and supports enamel. It also protects the nerves and blood vessels inside the tooth itself from damage.

As it turned out, the popular teeth whitening strips can damage not only the enamel, but also the dentin layer. The researchers summarized the results of three papers and came to the conclusion that one of the substances that make up the current bleaching products represents a significant threat to the health of teeth, up to their destruction.

This substance is called hydrogen peroxide. Yes, it is to her that you are used to treating wounds, because this compound has strong antiseptic properties: it can kill bacteria. But if applying peroxide to a wound is not at all harmful and even beneficial, then nothing good happens when it comes into contact with the surface of the tooth.
Scientists have found that hydrogen peroxide is able to destroy the protein in the composition of the dentin and wash it out of the tooth, thereby making the tooth brittle. So whitening is unlikely to benefit you. The teeth will become fragile, and then there is nothing to whiten. And although the researchers warned that they did not check whether the protein in the composition of the dentin is being restored with time, in any case, the use of such a bleaching composition will slowly destroy the inner layer of the teeth, which does not affect their condition.
Source: IFL Science

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