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Soon we will be able to transfer the brain to the “cloud”. As it will be?

People have long dreamed of connecting their brain with a computer, transferring their consciousness to another body. It seems to us that this is a very remote prospect, but according to scientists, this can happen in the next 10 years.

Brain in the cloud
Downloading a human brain anywhere is an inordinately difficult task. But in the new research paper on the so-called “brain-cloud interface,” scientists explain the technological foundations of what such a future system may be, and also offer solutions to problems that may arise in the way of its creation.

Nanobots — incredibly tiny machines smaller than a human hair — are expected to someday benefit people and the planet in all respects, but to achieve the transfer of human consciousness to the cloud will require their particular appearance.

“These devices will move through the human vascular system, cross the blood-brain barrier and accurately determine their position even inside brain cells,” says one of the authors of the study. “Then they will wirelessly transmit the coded information to the cloud-based supercomputer network to monitor the brain in real time and extract data.”

Perhaps the biggest obstacle will be finding ways to safely integrate neural nanorobots with human brain tissue so that these little helpers can transfer the huge amounts of data generated by supercomputers into our gray matter.

Source: Science Alert

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