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Satellite cameras filmed the formation of Hurricane Barbara in the Pacific during a solar eclipse (this is very, very beautiful!)

July 2, 2019 the inhabitants of Latin America could observe the next solar eclipse. At the same time, a powerful hurricane was forming in the eastern part of the Pacific Ocean, and the satellite cameras that were following the eclipse managed to capture these two processes simultaneously.

The eclipse began in the South Pacific to the East of New Zealand, when the Moon moved between the Earth and the Sun, completely blocking the light of a star in the so-called total solar eclipse.

At the same time, the strongest hurricane Barbara of the fourth category with winds up to 210 km / hour formed over the Pacific Ocean to the North of the Equator and to the West of Mexico.

It is believed that almost all the power of the hurricane will be on the ocean, so it is called the “fish storm”, because it will only affect the behavior of the fish.

Satellite NEXLAB filmed these two phenomena – the formation of a storm and a solar eclipse – in one clip.


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