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Netizens share their grandmother’s wedding photos

Wedding is one of the most important events in the life of any girl. Therefore, it is not surprising that every girl wants to look the best on this day.
The current brides in this regard are no different from their predecessors. And thirty and fifty years ago, the fair sex made every effort to overshadow all with its beauty on this solemn day. We have to admit: they coped with this task perfectly well.

Ambrosia Event Services could not ignore the nostalgic publications of Reddit users, who showed pictures of their grandmothers who were about to say the cherished “I agree!”. And as a bonus, we have prepared for you a wedding photobomb dating back to 1927.

“Grandma is going under the crown. Somewhere in 1951

© ConsortFutz / Reddit

“My dad’s mom is on her wedding day, 1924”

© miserendino / Reddit

“Wedding photography granny, mid 1930s”

© mayhem6 / Reddit

“New York, 1945. Grandmother in a dress that she sewed herself while studying for a costume designer ”

© vdub319 / Reddit

“My beautiful grandmother in her wedding dress, 1957”

© lolasnickner / Reddit

“She was 91 years old today, so I decided to share her picture on the wedding day. Today, she is just as beautiful, both outside and inside”

© lets_get_abstract / Reddit

“Despite the fact that on the day of her marriage there was a real storm, Grandma simply beamed. 1940″

© Jtaimelafolie / Reddit

“She is 18 years old. Picture taken on the wedding day, 1945 “

© supermexa / Reddit

“My Sicilian grandmother as a bride, 1940s”

© spaghettibunni / Reddit

“Grandma comes out of Studebaker on their wedding day, 1956. By the way, they still have this car and it is in full swing. ”

© zaneeeeee / Reddit

“A photo of a grandmother in her parents’s living room on her wedding day, 1935”

© MavisDear / Reddit

“Grandma agreed to marry her grandfather, but with the proviso that she would do it in a short pink dress, 1970”

© imaginemyflaws / Reddit

“Grandmother in a traditional Indian wedding dress, 1965”

© Kingnash95 / Reddit

“In all its glory on the most crucial day of her life, the 1950s”

© Yummiiscrumboes / Reddit

“1947 She looks just amazing in the image of the bride. Check out her raised eyebrow “

© kaydavid426 / Reddit

“Grandma’s Wedding Day, 1953”

© blahhhkaren / Reddit

“Tecolotlan, Mexico, 1966. Grandma’s Wedding

© mcarmen95 / Reddit

“Last preparations before the wedding, 1958”

© DependentTaro / Reddit

“My beautiful grandmother on her wedding day, 1927”

© Redqueen76 / Reddit

“Grandmother in 1959, my mother 25 years later, and I after another 25 years, married in the same dress”

© Katica123 / Reddit

Bonus: “A pig spoiled a group wedding photo of my grandparents, 1927”

© Stroy1 / Reddit

How did you look or plan to look like on this solemn day? In which of these dresses would you immediately go down the aisle?

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