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MIT’s tiny walking motor can push and pull, and its parts can be scaled to any size.

Massachusetts University of Technology (MIT) engineers have developed a tiny walking motor from simple parts. The device is easy to configure – it is able to crawl, grab and push, writes Engadget.

The mechanism consists of five modular parts, among which are rigid and flexible components, an electromagnet, a coil and a magnet. The device is capable of carrying a weight five times larger than its own, but the design can be further strengthened to increase the load capacity.

Researchers note that the size of the parts can be easily scaled. This will allow the device to perform more complex tasks that require more weight or work in extreme conditions.

MIT argues that the work is a big step towards the release of universal kits for assembling robots that will allow you to create devices for performing specific tasks without having to develop them from scratch.

Previously, researchers from the Harvard Microorobotics Laboratory presented a prototype of a robotized bee with solar panels, which can make long flights without additional recharging.

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