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Is there a relationship between temperament and increased hairiness in men?

Many people think that there is a relationship between the amount of hair on different parts of a man’s body and his temperament. According to this logic, than a man of hairy, so he should be “hot.” However, experts refute this misconception. And from a purely sexological point of view, only pubis hair is important.

It is worth noting that for a number of peoples (Caucasian, Jews, Arabs), increased hairiness is natural, while “hairless” Asians are sometimes much more temperamental.

By the way, if the hair is thickly busted, except for the chest, also on the back, then this is often a sign of adrenal pathology, in which puberty begins early. In these cases, the potency is kept at a high level until about 40–45 years, and then it can quickly decrease.

And finally, the curious data of a survey conducted by the English magazine “Eve”:

89% of women are opposed to their men removing chest hair with the help of depilation

  • only 7% of women love overgrown male breasts
  • 54% prefer moderately hairy
  • hairy back repels 62% of women
  • 68% do not like vegetation on men’s buttocks.

And according to another survey conducted among women:

  • about 35% of them do not like “extra hair”
  • 3% see increased hairiness as a “sign of masculinity”
  • 37% – follow the golden mean: let the hair be, but not very much.

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