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Is it possible to remake your partner for yourself?

There is a statement: “For your sake your partner must change if he truly loves you.” However, it is incredibly difficult for an adult to change, since the foundations of the personality are laid in early childhood – up to three to five years.

Therefore, to expect such changes from each other is probably excessive. The best solution is to accept each other with all the advantages and disadvantages.

Interestingly, in cases where the spouse (spouse) accepts its “half” as it is (what it is), then it is much easier to change.

At the same time, when alone they wait for their partner to change for the sake of them (which, as already mentioned, is illusory), others try to remake their life partner themselves. And this is even more misleading. An adult person, unless he himself wants it, is almost impossible to remake.
According to the followers of some Eastern esoteric teachings, it is impossible not only to change a person by force, but even to teach a person something if he is not ready for it.

If you want your partner to change for the better, then the best thing you can do for this is to create appropriate conditions for him. And it is quite possible that this will be enough for the CAM to start changing.

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