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Is it possible to get a neurological disease, if you sit at the computer a lot?

If you have been working at the computer for a long time and a lot, your wrist may be sick. Does this mean that you have a tunnel syndrome and you need an urgent operation? Understood this issue with The Cut.

The movements that we make in our age of computers and telephones are unnatural for us. You lean over the laptop like a gargoyle, and your wrists sluggishly hang down when you type text on the keyboard. Even when you hold the phone, you keep it in an unnatural position for you and can do it for quite a while. Does it all have consequences?

Dr. Ismail Nabil, an expert in ergonomics and deputy director of the centers of occupational health at Mount Sinai Selikoff, says that such habits will not lead to anything good. There are certain risk groups for developing tunnel syndrome: these are people with diabetes and pregnant, he says. But people who often type in non-ergonomic postures also face an increased risk of this disease. So this is almost all of us. But before you panic, let’s talk about what really is tunnel syndrome.
It occurs when the median nerve — one of the five main nerves going from the brachial plexus (a cluster of nerves that extend from the spinal cord to the armpit) down the arm — is compressed by the pressure applied to the wrist. As the nerve is clamped, it can lead to pain and tingling in the wrist, as well as weakness, and even muscle atrophy.

Usually, people come with this disease to doctors at an early stage, that is, when their hands begin to go numb. And, thank God, at this stage everything is fixable without surgical intervention – with the help of exercises and the correct location of the workplace.

So, if you type the text in the position of your hands and body that is convenient for you, as well as take a break from work at short intervals, there is almost a 100% chance that you will be able to avoid this unpleasant syndrome. But if you experience the first pain or numbness, you should immediately consult a doctor – and the sooner the better.
Source: The Cut

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