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In Australia, you can become a candidate of science for “heavy metal” and get paid for it

Each of the graduate students will receive a scholarship of 27,596 Australian dollars.
Newcastle University has opened a set of graduate students in the direction of “Heavy Metal Geography”. Professor Simon Springer insisted on studying this discipline.
“When I was a graduate student myself, I dreamed that someone would tell me that studying heavy metal is a full academic lesson!” Says Springer.

So far, the university has provided only three places: two for local residents and one for a foreign student. Each of them will receive a scholarship of 27,596 Australian dollars.

Here is what is proposed to explore future candidates of science:

  • Lyrical themes characteristic of Australian heavy metal, its cultural and geographical features;
  • The relationship between the cultural evolution of heavy metal in Australia and colonialism;
  • The reputation of heavy metal fans in the Australian context;
  • How Australia’s geography contributed to or impeded heavy metal cultural perceptions;
  • Gender issues in Australian heavy metal bands.

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