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Hundreds of Americans were among the empty field because of Google Maps

Hundreds of Americans were among the empty field because of Google Maps

This is not the first major confusion of service.
In the state of Colorado (USA), about a hundred drivers got lost in the open field, using the “advice” of Google Maps to bypass traffic jams.

The map service offered an alternative route due to an accident on the highway leading to Denver International Airport. Mobile application “led” car owners on a dirt road, which limped after the rains. Because of this, several cars are stuck, creating a cork of about 100 cars.

Google commented that “it is always trying to provide the best routes”, but errors may occur, for example, due to weather conditions.

The incident in the state of Colorado is not the biggest mistake of the Internet giant. In November 2010, a military conflict almost flared up in Central America.

Nicaraguan troops crossed the San Juan River – the natural border with Costa Rica – and set their flag on Capero Island. Which, although it was the subject of a dispute between the two states, since 1897 it belonged to Costa Rica.
But the commander of the Nicaraguan troops, in the past partisan- “Sandiniste”, referred to Google Maps and said that this is the territory of Nicaragua. After the government of Costa Rica turned to Google, the Internet giant corrected the error and the cartographic misunderstanding was settled.

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