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How to personalize a wedding: 20 ideas

The main trend at modern weddings is a unique concept that “tells” exactly your story! How to emphasize this in the decor and program of the holiday? Use our ideas!
1. “Invite” to the holiday of your pets. They can be involved in shooting fees, in love-story and even in the ceremony! When a pet brings wedding rings to the newlyweds – it’s so cute!
2. Wedding vows are, of course, a great way to personalize the ceremony, but what if you are embarrassed to read them out loud or are afraid to forget the words? There is an exit! Prepare audio recordings of vows in advance and turn them on during the ceremony. It will be no less emotional and touching, and the guests will get the impression that they hear your thoughts.
3. Create your own personal cocktail for the bar. The name can be your common last name.

4. Instead of a guest list in terms of seating arrangements, you can use their photos. It looks great on cozy and family holidays, where everyone knows each other.
5. Choose entertainment based on your interests. Who said that at a wedding you can not arrange a race on scooters or play Crocodile? You can even hold a video game competition!
6. Prepare surprises with the groom to each other in the form of creative performances. Hearing your beloved performing your favorite song is priceless!
7. Add details to your wedding look that are reminiscent of a family: for example, mother’s veil or grandmother’s earrings.
8. It is not at all necessary to write the names of the guests on the seating cards. Cards “mother of the bride” or “dad of the groom” look more comfortable, in a family way. And for friends, you can prepare funny cards with nicknames and your personal jokes. Exception – lush official celebrations for 200 guests. Here you should stick to the classics.
9. Use wedding or family photographers and grandparents in your wish zone decor.
10. Do not be afraid to change the classic timing. The ceremony does not necessarily have to start the wedding – if you wish, you can transfer it to the finale of the evening.

11. Give up the idea of ​​the same outfits for the bridesmaids. It looks good only on large classic weddings. The main thing is that their clothes fit the style and palette of the wedding.
12. If the wedding takes place in a historic place or abroad, in a villa, instead of a classic buffet, arrange a small tour for guests. Beautiful views, a fascinating story of the guide, a glass of champagne – the guests will not be bored for sure until the newlyweds go to a photo session.
13. Let married guests help to build a playlist – include the compositions to which they performed the first dance at their weddings.
14. Arrange a themed wedding dinner consisting solely of the dishes of your favorite cuisine: for example, Scandinavian or Italian. For main courses, choose something more or less classic and familiar to everyone, but let the snacks be as authentic and unusual as possible.
15. Ask guests instead of flowers to give you their favorite books or a bottle of good wine. This is especially true for couples who are going to the honeymoon on the day after the celebration or simply do not like bouquets.

16. Another idea for those who do not like cut flowers is to arrange a wedding without any of them. Green plants, succulents and cacti, florariums, ribbons, various geometric designs, candles – the choice of decor is huge!
17. Many people think that the chairs for guests at the ceremony should be the same. But this, again, is mandatory only for the classical style. At weddings in the style of loft, boho, rustic, vintage look great chairs and armchairs from different sets and different colors. So collect a collection of chairs from friends and relatives. For inspiration, look at the interiors of the cozy art deco cafes and restaurants.
18. Make a mailbox instead of the book of wishes. Have the guests write you letters to the future and seal them in envelopes that you promise to open only on the fifth or tenth wedding anniversary.
19. Prepare unusual compliments for guests. Handmade soap and jars of homemade jam is no surprise now. Florariums with succulents or small flowers in pots, beautiful candles, sachets, sets of spices, and ceramic products look much more interesting.
20. Option for chamber weddings – to arrange a holiday not in a specialized area, but in a cafe or bar. This could be the place where your first date took place, or the place where you go to breakfast on Sundays.

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