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How does weight affect male sexuality

You can often hear about the fact that men with a small tummy in sex are much more active than thin brethren.

However, in reality, sexuality does not depend on the weight and thickness of the fat layer, unless, of course, there is so much of it that there can be no talk of sex at all. Sexuality really depends only on hormones.

Experts note that if a man’s weight exceeds the ideal by 15%, then sexual inhibition occurs. Fat simply “kills” sex.

Ideal weight for men = (height in centimeters – 100) • 1.15

Ideal weight for women = (height in centimeters – 110) • 1.15

Sam Adzanki in his article “Doctors discovered how overweight leads to sexual problems,” notes: “A high level of estrogen is contained in the blood of an obese man, which often causes impotence.

The main male hormone is testosterone, which is responsible for its sexual assertiveness. The liver produces globulin that binds this hormone, but in an obese person, estrogen interferes with this process, causing the hormone to be released instead of stored. This lowers the concentration of testosterone in the blood, and as the amount of this hormone decreases, sexual activity decreases and often disappears.

The similar role of estrogen in changing the sexuality of obese men has long been unknown, especially since, oddly enough, it has no external signs of feminization. ”

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