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How cats predict an earthquake: video from Japan

Seismologists have long noticed that cats feel the approaching shocks of the earth’s crust. Cats behave in synchronicity, literally a fraction of a minute before the jolts, they pick up invisible impulses and seem to be preparing.
In Japan, cats have long played the role of a kind of seismograph. By their strange behavior, the owners could know in advance about the approach of shocks, which allowed them to leave the building in time.

In one of the kota cafes in Japan, the owners installed a camera. She recorded everything that happened in the institution and when the cats smelled something was wrong, she also continued to record.
The video shows how synchronously the cats felt the coming tremors and took safe positions:

Scientists make the assumption that cats and some other animals catch an electrical impulse that precedes the jolts. Electricity is much faster than the shock wave. After the jolts, it takes a second for the impulse to go up. The shock wave reaches the surface in about half a minute.

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