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Habits leading to hell!

Habits leading to hell!
Each of us creates our own hell. With the help of thoughts, habits, actions or words. An incorrectly chosen road leads to the fact that a person who has all the opportunities to become happy suffers for decades, not trying to fix something or not understanding exactly what needs to be done.

We often do something that goes against our values ​​and inner motives. We know a lot of people, but know almost nothing about ourselves. And over the years of life we ​​have been overgrown with many habits that harm us. Here are some of them.

Be perfect. Of course, we should strive for this, but in many areas we will remain imperfect.
Live past and worry too much about the future. The past is over and the only thing that is useful is experience. And the future needs to be shaped today, by doing what we can.
To complain. This habit is so common that it is no longer considered bad. In fact, it leads to a variety of mental problems.
Take offense. Resentment is a symptom of victim syndrome and does not bring anything good.
Lie. In the long run, lies are revealed or lead to the fact that you have to lie more and more.
Say “I can not.” Henry Ford said: “If you think you are capable of doing something, or you think you are not capable, then you are right in both cases.”
Try to be everything for everyone. You can change the world, but first you need to change the immediate environment, or at least one person.
To think that you are not ready. The right moment will never be, so you need to act.
Set goals too small. Small goals, although they can lead to big changes, but without a big goal, you still get less.
Try to do everything. Time is short, and we estimate it ineptly. Learn English, get into the habit of running every other day and read more – this is already a huge step towards self-development.
Buy things that are not needed. Any unnecessary thing kills the ability to buy something important, leads to debt and reactive thinking.
Blame others for their failures. Take responsibility for everything that happens to you. Even for what other people do to you.
Search for simple ways where you need to work a lot on yourself. No magic pill. You can not read 10 books on the topic of wealth and success and get rich. Ultimately, only work matters.
To give promises that you cannot keep. It spoils the reputation and attitude towards you. If you do not know if you can keep the word, do not give it. It is better to surprise a person later than to disappoint.

Do not be able to control thoughts and emotions. Such people consider themselves sincere, but in reality they simply do not know how to cope with themselves. Thoughts and emotions are the basis; having learned to control them, we begin to control ourselves.
To beat around the bush”. Constantly doubt. This is manifested in both everyday situations and more global ones. Mark all symptoms and train yourself to act.
Avoid changes. Whatever the situation – good or bad – it will change. And you too. Therefore, either you are learning how to manage change, or letting it happen chaotically.
Wait until the last minute. It means living in constant stress and anxiety. All this will eventually lead to very unpleasant consequences for the psyche and health.
Dramatize. How often did you have so that you dramatized the situation, but in the end it turned out that it was not necessary?
Do not pay attention to the sport. Even charging in the morning is a great way to stay in shape. No one says that it is necessary to spend half a day on sports, and an hour is enough.
Eat bad food. The high cost of products can not be an excuse, because there are cheap products that are of great benefit. The difficulty is to love them.
Do not get rid of stupid habits, knowing that they are stupid. We often repeat the same actions, understanding what they lead to. But we do nothing to get rid of them. It’s time to finally take it seriously and fix it.
Hesitate. Often, the owner of such a habit gets, in addition, low self-esteem and self-doubt.
Not able to communicate with people. Many people believe that this skill is not significant, and then wonder why others achieve much more. The secret is simple: successful people use communication as a means of achieving their goals.
Do the same thing every time. Even the routine can be varied in such a way as to grow as a person.
Follow the path of least resistance. Sometimes this is really the best way, but more often we only convince ourselves of this. You want radical changes, be ready to change everything: thoughts, emotions and reactions, lifestyle, environment and much more.
Do several things at once. It does not work, because it kills concentration and takes energy. Do everything consistently and mix processes as rarely as possible.
Considering that others are more fortunate than you. Even if this is so – such a habit leads to envy and anger, and not the desire to achieve something.
Make emotional decisions. Emotions make a rational person foolish. Give in to emotions when necessary, but when making decisions, learn to control them and turn on the brain.
Focus on the bad things that will happen in the future. It will happen, whether you like it or not. So go about your business and do not worry about it.
Take yourself seriously. The inability to laugh at yourself makes life difficult and boring. If you have done something stupid, laugh at your actions, draw conclusions and live on.
Spending time on work that you think is not yours. You may have to do this at first, but you should always keep in mind the change of work and go towards this goal every day.
To think about things that you do not have. You will have them when you earn enough, but at the moment it is pointless to spend your mental energy on them. Focus on your work, increase your skills, and everything else will come later.
We wish you good luck!

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