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Found the fastest way to multiply huge numbers

It would seem that in school mathematics it is already impossible to discover something new. It turns out you can. After all, the speed of multiplication that people that computer systems suffer greatly. And although computers are able to perform calculations in a fraction of a second, when the number of necessary calculations exceeds several million per second, algorithms become more difficult. And now scientists have found a way to speed up the multiplication of large numbers several times.

Break the record

The fastest algorithm that allows you to quickly multiply huge numbers was created 50 years ago. Since then, no one has broken his record. All other computer programs except that possessed the same speed. But the new program has surpassed all previous ones.

If you think that multiplying numbers on each other is so easy, then think about how much it will be, if 102148570911044552519406 is multiplied by 5568337392843819273. This is a difficult question. Even your calculator will not be able to calculate it. Why? Because with each new sign in the degree of the number, the complexity of the algorithm and the time spent on computing increase significantly. This is because the machine uses special amounts to calculate each number. Then these sums are multiplied, resulting in the final result.

For the biggest

The new algorithm for calculating small numbers has the same characteristics as its predecessors. But with the increase in the number of digits in the number of its speed grows very quickly. This means that if you double the number of digits, then the amount of time required for the calculation will be reduced by more than two times compared with similar programs.

To test the algorithm, scientists performed calculations on outrageously huge numbers. Larger than the number of atoms in the universe. This means that there is no way for the computer to do such calculations, because it takes too much memory to encode them. Instead of direct multiplication, mathematicians came up with a technique that could theoretically be faster than other methods, at least for these large arrays of numbers. And she showed a truly grandiose results, defeating opponents in tatters. This new method can be used in different programs when working with large amounts of data to speed up their systematization.
Source: Science News

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