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Facebook posts will help diagnose diseases – scientists

As a result of a new study by American scientists, it was possible to establish that the words we use when writing posts on social networks can speak about our state of health. This writes the edition of The Challenger.

Scientists from the University of Pennsylvania Medical School discovered a link between the words that people use on social networks and the likelihood of certain types of diseases. The study was published in the scientific journal Plos One. Researchers analyzed twenty million words that used 999 people with various diseases. For comparison, medical records and diagnoses of the subjects were checked.

People who wrote posts with the words “drink”, “drunk” or “bottle”, in fact, abused alcohol. According to the study, the most common marker of drug use were posts containing hostile and offensive language. Markers of depression were the words “belly”, “head” and “pain.” In patients, stress affected their physical well-being.

The study showed that people who use the words “God”, “family” and “pray” in their posts are likely to have diabetes. Scientists have suggested that this may be due to social changes in the lives of patients.

“It’s not necessary everyone who uses such words suffers from diabetes, but they all have a greater risk of illness. What people think, feel and do is reflected in social networks today. They fix emotional, cognitive, behavioral markers that have value in predicting health conditions, “says the study.

Artificial intelligence is already able to determine the nervous breakdown and mental abnormalities of a person’s voice and the cause of a crying child. Google has created a neural network that can detect heart disease through the retina.


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