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Dozens of strange discoveries were found near the ancient pyramid of Egypt

The discovery made by Polish archaeologists.

Polish archaeologists have discovered several dozen mummies in the area of ​​the necropolis of Sakarra near Cairo. This is reported by the portal Science in Poland.

The find was made during excavations in the vicinity of the pyramid of Djoser, which is considered the oldest surviving stone structure in the world. The Polish research team has been working in Sakarra for more than twenty years.

According to scientists, the age of mummies reaches about two thousand years. Most of them were buried right in the holes dug in the sand and passed only the main embalming stages.

As the head of the excavation, Dr. Camilla Kurashkevich from the University of Warsaw, said, most of the graves were very poorly preserved. Some of them were located in wooden coffins placed in the “dry moat” region – a trench cut in the rock 20 meters deep and 40 meters wide, which limited the sacred zone of the pyramid.

The attention of researchers attracted unusual mummy decorations. So, one of them had a colorful necklace around his neck, and on the coffin lid there was a painted imitation of a hieroglyphic inscription.

“Some of the drawn images are not hieroglyphic characters and do not constitute a coherent text,” Kurashkevich noted.

In addition, the mummy’s legs are covered with a decoration with the image of the ancient Egyptian god Anubis, “a completely unusual blue color,” said the Egyptologist. Usually this deity was depicted black. Scientists suggest that the strange color is explained by the belief that the hair of the gods was made of a blue gemstone.

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