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Crisis is the way to progress

In each person’s life, sooner or later, situations occur when something gets out of control, goes completely different from what we would like, in other words, a crisis comes. We are talking about a personal crisis, that is, a state in which the usual pattern of behavior ceases to be adequate to the goals set, and also leads to unpredictable and unfavorable circumstances.
The word “crisis” itself is undoubtedly negative, but let’s look at how things really happen. Perhaps these situations, so unequivocally interpreted as negative, on the contrary, have positive intentions and are capable of changing life for the better?

What characterizes the crisis?
Crises are inevitable, life is so arranged – no escape from them! Such moments, as a rule, are characterized by confusion, depression, or other similar conditions, caused mainly by the feeling of fear – fear of the near future. In this situation it is difficult to assume or even admit the idea that everything that happens can go to good.

Who is to blame for what happened?
As a rule, in crisis situations a person is immersed in his negative thoughts and accepts the role of a victim, according to which he begins to blame others for what has happened.
Is this behavior justified? No, this is the path that leads to nowhere, and having gone through it, it is sometimes very difficult to come back! The fact is that any crisis does not arise by chance, or rather, it appears as a result of the law of cause and effect. In this case, the reason is the thoughts and affairs of a particular person, and as a consequence we have a crisis situation in place.
It has long been no secret to anyone that thoughts tend to materialize, and the surrounding reality directly depends on the direction of the thinking process. Based on this, everything is quite logical – something happens that can not happen. So is it worth it in such a situation to behave like a victim? The answer is obvious!

Crisis Positive Intent
Now let’s look at the situation from the other side. What is a positive crisis?

  • Changes. The state of affairs unequivocally indicates that a person needs to change something in life – old thoughts and behavior have not justified themselves, which means they must be replaced!
  • Change of direction. In other words, the bottom is reached, it’s time to get up!
  • Motivation. There is a clear motivation – the driving force that makes you work on yourself and not give up under the influence of the surrounding reality!
  • Reaching a new level of development. When a person is in a comfort zone, he is unlikely to have a desire to change something drastically in his life, set global goals for himself and achieve them, and it is under such conditions that the transition to a new level of personal development takes place, and this is exactly what is achieved progress!

Positive perception of what is happening – the key to success!
This begs the question: if the crisis is a continuous positive, then why, the majority of people, facing it, are not happy with the result? There is one “but”, consisting in the perception of what is happening. A well-known expression says: “If you cannot change the situation, change your attitude towards it”!
The thesis about the materiality of thoughts implies the fact that negative thoughts are embodied in negative events and vice versa, that is, what is inside a person, then outside. Looking at any incident from the point of view of the positive frees one from the need to be nervous, to panic and dwell on the problem, and the problem itself ceases to be so, and goes into the category of tasks that are known to have solutions.
Thus, instead of choosing the role of the victim, which excludes the possibility of any influence on the events, the person views the events from the position of the owner, and if he himself created a crisis in his life, he could take the responsibility for himself and change his mind to solve the situation. in their favor!
It turns out that the path to progress is made up of a series of certain obstacles, overcoming which you can get a new useful experience and expand consciousness. How else? Is it possible to achieve success in any business without suffering a defeat at some point and not drawing conclusions from it?

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