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Chinese border guards under the guise of checking installed on the smartphones tourists applications for surveillance

Chinese border guards not only inspect the correspondence on tourists’ smartphones, but also install applications on devices to monitor their movements and messengers. This is stated in a joint investigation of The Guardian, The New York Times and Süddeutsche Zeitung.
The application Fēng c приложениеi is installed on travelers’ smartphones – its name can be translated as “bees collecting honey”. It allows the secret services and the police of China to get remote access to e-mail, contacts and information stored on the device, such as photos.

Installing the application occurs when the tourist, at the request of the border guard calls the password for your device. After that, the device is carried away to a separate room – ostensibly for verification.

The investigation notes that Fēng cǎi was detected only on devices with the Android operating system. Cybersecurity experts with whom the journalists talked say that smartphones on iOS are also being taken to a separate room, where they can be connected to special equipment and scanned.
Now border guards have the right to selectively check the contents of smartphones and instant messengers among tourists. Officially, this is justified by the fact that the Chinese authorities want to ascertain the reality of the goals declared upon arrival.

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