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Child and sport: how not to harm health

A healthy lifestyle is in fashion today, and many parents want the child to go in for sports since childhood. After all, training will help him to become strong and resilient, improve coordination of movements, have a positive effect on the psyche: he will become more collected and goal-oriented …

This is certainly true, but it is worth bearing in mind that modern children are not so healthy initially. When deciding on the type of sport and the intensity of training, it is necessary to weigh the pros and cons and complete a full medical examination with the child. For a number of sports there are absolute and relative contraindications for health, and such information cannot be neglected.

At what age is it better to start classes?
Usually, parents begin to look for suitable training when the baby is 3-4 years old. The choice of classes at this age is limited: most sports clubs recruit children aged 5-6 years, or even older.

The fact is that it is still difficult for kids to follow the instructions of the trainer, and their musculo-ligamentous apparatus is not yet adapted to sports loads. Even if you find a section into which they take very young children, then the first year or two they will be engaged in gymnastics and outdoor games. The time for serious training will come later.

The most useful for kids swimming, gymnastics, special children’s fitness. Such activities will improve immunity, strengthen the spine, muscles and ligaments of the child and allow you to prepare for future training. And already at this age, one can estimate his inclination to this or that sports activity. Observe: what does he like best – team games, ball games, dance exercises? What exercises do he do best?

Sports for boys
All boys, without exception, love to play football and hockey. However, there are contraindications to these kinds of sports, and there are a lot of them. Football and hockey – very traumatic sports associated with falls and strikes, heavy loads. Therefore, before writing to the section, it is necessary to check the heart and nervous system, the baby’s vision and nasal breathing. Progressive myopia is an absolute contraindication, and poor nasal breathing will create certain difficulties. If the child has problems with the musculoskeletal system (ODA), doctors can also prohibit him from such training.

Gymnastics is another extremely popular sport for boys, but even here poor eyesight, malfunctioning of the musculoskeletal system and some diseases of the cardiovascular system can become an obstacle to training.

Sections of martial arts today are represented in sports schools quite widely, the choice is large. Parents who do not understand the directions of the martial arts, you need to talk with the coaches about what is best to choose if the child has contraindications for health. You can usually choose a suitable option: if strikes and falls are prohibited, you should give the child to wushu, and not to karate.

Winter sports, such as alpine skiing, are good because they increase resistance to respiratory diseases. However, chronic bronchitis or asthma can be exacerbated by exercise. In this case, it is reasonable to give preference to less intense activities – for example, cross-country skiing, rather than skiing.

Children choleric hard to engage in sports that require great concentration, for example, shooting. But phlegmatic people will just like it.

Sports for girls
Beautiful dresses, graceful gait, the ability to dance – perhaps any girl will not mind ballroom dancing, rhythmic gymnastics, ballet or figure skating. But the loads in different sports are different, and parents should understand this.

There is another nuance that many parents do not take into account. If the girl is overweight, it will be problematic to play sports, but ridicule in the team is inevitable. Therefore, it is not necessary to rely on sport as a panacea for fullness: it is better to get in good shape with simple gymnastics and diet first and then search for a suitable section.

As in the case of boys, cardiovascular and neurological diseases, myopia in a girl often becomes a contraindication to professional sports. However, ballroom dancing can be practiced.

Not only classic “women’s” sports are suitable for girls, but also many others – including martial arts, horse riding.

Sport or physical education?
Parents of often ill children, children with health problems, it is known that a pediatrician indicates a child’s health group in the medical card. However, it is not enough in what schools there is an opportunity to organize training taking into account various groups of pupils’ health. Therefore, usually weakened children are engaged together with everyone, but at reduced standards.

Poor health is a contraindication to serious sports, but not a reason to refuse physical education. Moreover, physical therapy and swimming in many cases can improve the health of the child. But parents should carefully study what loads are permissible for him, and it is important for the trainer to monitor the pulse and breathing of the children during training.

Which doctors to visit?
A pediatrician, cardiologist, neuropathologist and oculist is a compulsory program for each baby before enrolling in the sports section. It is necessary to undergo a cardiogram, to pass general blood and urine tests. Sometimes additional consultations are required – for example, with Laura, pulmonologist, surgeon, dermatologist. Do not neglect this: a sport that is not suitable for a child may have not positive, but negative consequences for health!

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