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Bloomberg told about Japanese “grandmothers in sneakers”, who work as couriers in Uber Eats

In Japan, retirees work as couriers in Uber Eats. Moreover, unlike many other couriers, they prefer to walk not on a bicycle or scooter, but on foot
The fact that Japanese retirees get a job at Uber Eats and deliver orders on foot, Bloomberg was told by the executive director of Uber Dara Khosrowshahi. According to him, so pensioners not only earn, but also maintain their health.

“This is an approach that we practice only in Japan. And we hope to be able to spread it around the world, ”said Khosrowshahi.
The Uber strategy in Japan is “as unusual as the country itself is unusual,” Bloomberg writes in an article titled “In Japan, rabbits’ noodles in Uber are delivered by grandmothers in sneakers.” A Uber top manager came to Japan this week to highlight the importance of the region for the company, the agency writes. This year, Uber, according to Bloomberg, plans to increase the staff of the Japanese division by 30%.

“Older people do get jobs working as Uber couriers,” Khosrowshahi told Bloomberg. “[Uber] Eats is a huge success in Japan.” This is a very effective tool to familiarize consumers with the brand. ”

The largest shareholder of the company is Japanese SoftBank, which owns 13% of it (about $ 9.8 billion). “If I’m in Japan, you can bet on the fact that I’ll meet with Masa,” said Khosrovashi, referring to the founder of the Soft Bank, Masayoshi Sona. “We pay a lot of attention to where our business will be in three years and later.” Sleep ranks 43rd in the global ranking of Forbes with a fortune of $ 21.6 billion.

Unemployment in Japan is at 2.4%. This is one of the lowest in the last 25 years, but nevertheless, the situation on the labor market remains tense, notes Bloomberg. An aging population is also noted. Back in 2012, the sale of diapers for the elderly here for the first time exceeded the sales of diapers for babies, the agency wrote.

Dara Khosrowshahi (Photos by Akio Kon/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

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