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Australian government plans to destroy two million cats

Australia is home to some of the most dangerous animals in the world, and the federal government has targeted one particular predator. According to Australian officials, he is the greatest threat to native species. This predator is a cat.

For several years, the Australian government has worked to destroy two million wild cats that threaten the country’s wild nature. Recently, according to The New York Times, they began using deadly sausages made from kangaroo meat, chicken fat and poison. The goal is to destroy cats by 2020.

Australia also in 2015 established the “24-hour conditions of domestic cats.” As part of the project, pets must be kept in designated places of detention only on a leash or in a pen.

The colonists brought cats to the continent in the 18th century, and today in Australia there are between 20 and 30 million wild cats, which, according to scientists, are the reason why more mammals have died out in Australia than in any other country.

“Each cat kills three to 20 local animals a day,” said Gregory Andrews, Australia’s first Commissioner for Endangered Species.

Species at risk include a wombat with hairy noses, a northern kwoll and a bookmaker, a kind of owl. According to researchers, wild cats have led to the extinction of at least 22 species of Australia.


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