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7 tips for creativity

Karen Peterson in her book “Write. 10 Days to Overcome Writer’s Block. Period ”writes:“ Imagine this: you have a lot of time; aesthetically pleasing room with free daily massage, pool and delicious coffee; breakfast in bed with a rich choice of bacon and espresso. Pencils, felt-tip pens, paper, and absolutely perfect notebooks. ”

It is difficult to say whether this scenario is suitable for fruitful creativity (Peterson says it will do), but we present to your attention 7 tips that will spark creativity, will allow not only to take on the implementation of creative work, but also to bring it to the end.
1. Stop looking for excuses
Isabelle Allende – one of the most famous writers of the world. She has written over a dozen books, starting with the famous novel “House of the Spirits”. Several of her books, filled with magical realism, where the mystical merges with the life of Quivianism, were turned into moving pictures. Here is what she says about the process of writing “House of Spirits”:
“I wrote at night only because I had a day job. I worked at a school. And I had two shifts, from seven o’clock in the morning to one in the morning. And then from one to seven o’clock in the evening. No lunch break. And I could write a book at night. So when my students sometimes say, “Oh, I don’t have time to write,” I advise them to wake up earlier. There is always a way to do what you really want. It’s like when you fall in love, you always find a way to be around this person.”

Stop telling yourself that you don’t have time to write, draw, create music and so on. Like Allende, take the time to work on your creativity when you can.

2. create or die
Follow the advice of a renowned cartoonist and copywriter Hugh MacLeod: hang a poster that says, “Create or die!”

3. Creativity needs a home
Karen Peterson suggests that you will perform a good creative work, giving creativity to the house. Go to the stationery shop and buy everything you need.

4. Creativity is associated with physical movement.
In The Writer’s Book of Wisdom, Stephen Taylor Goldsberry explains that creativity is connected with physical movement. He says the following:
“If you are waiting for inspiration before you start writing, if you are expecting great thoughts to appear out of the blue, then you are a fool and have no right to be a writer. Write to. The physical act itself frees the imagination. In this sense, the letter resembles a dance or sport, where the expression of oneself comes only through movement. ”

5. Schemes, sketches and drafts – that’s your goal
The perfectionist will do one job, while the intelligent creator will make ten sketches, diagrams and drafts during this time. He will refine later. For him, the main thing is to get the result as quickly as possible.
Instead of coming up with one perfect idea, come up with a hundred simple ideas that you can work with later.

6. Record ideas
Creativity expert Michael Mikhalko gave an interview in which he shares various creative technologies. One of them is note taking. Mikhalko explains that Walt Whitman collected ideas to stimulate creativity. Every time he had an idea, he wrote it down on a piece of paper. Then he put these sheets of paper in different envelopes, giving each one a name depending on the subject.

Whenever he felt the need to ignite a new idea, he looked through the corresponding envelopes. Whitman then extracted some of these ideas and began to look for ways to weave them together like a tapestry. These “tapestry ideas” were often the basis for a new poem or essay.

7. Use the tips
If your muse has gone AWOL, it’s time to use the tips. In The Writer’s Book of Matches, Fresh Boiled Peanuts literary magazine staff offer thousands of creative tips to light your creative lights. Here are three tips they offer:

“After reading the contents of the diary of his stepdaughter, a person begins to fear for his life.”
“In the early hours of every morning, the night watchman spends time writing the symphony he always dreamed of.”
“During the third night in the city, the traveling salesman discovers a voodoo doll in his hotel room.”
We wish you good luck!

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