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4 Simple Steps To Plan The Perfect Event



When you’re looking to plan the perfect event, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach, and teasing out a recipe for success can seem like an impossible task even for the most experienced planners. There are a number of various steps and turns involved in order to paint the perfect picture for your event, and the even though you might have everything figured out in your head, the truth is that no event comes without some form of a bump in the road. Although what’s even more crucial when it comes to setting up your event, is knowing where to start, how to divide your attention, and last but not least, carrying out the different tasks in an effective manner.

At Ambrosia, we have stacked up an extensive portfolio hosting numerous forms of events over a number of years, enabling us to tease out the most efficient and rewarding approach to planning your gathering, as well as dealing with the missteps along the way. Here are our top tips on how to plan the perfect event, according to your needs.

Set Up A Budget
This might not be the first step that comes to mind when you’re starting to plan the perfect event, but it’s definitely one of the easiest and most crucial ones to get things started. Unless you have a clear view of how much you’ll be able to spend, everything becomes a lot blurrier. Once your spending has been structured properly, you’ll know how much you’re capable of spending on key ingredients of the event, such as venue, catering, and entertainment.

Create a budget and be clear about where you’ll be able to draw an income from elements such as entrance fees, allowing a contingency for unpredicted expenses. Identify your breakeven point and be prepared to locate areas on which you can cut costs if things don’t pan out the way you predicted. When cutting costs, identify areas that won’t affect too much of the experience or the physical outcome for your participants.

Start Out With The Big Tasks

There’s no need to fiddle around wasting your time on smaller tasks like what kind of cutlery to use or what color napkins will be the best. In order to properly get your event off the ground, you want to start off by laying a solid foundation. What location should you go for? How many people are expected to show up? What size does our venue need to be? What date should we lock-in? Who will stand for entertainment and catering during the event? These are some of the aspects you might want to start off figuring out, before heading over to more tedious features like how to word your invite, etc. People worry more about what happens at the event, rather than the shape of their cutlery.

Furthermore, consider double checking your calendar in advance. Being confident the date you choose is the most viable option for your target audience may make a world of difference once the big day rolls around. Giving people the chance to actually show up will be one of the main reasons determining whether your event ends up a success or not.

Get Your Team In Place

These people will be your greatest asset in order to plan the perfect event. Working with the right personnel may alleviate a great amount of pressure on your shoulders when it comes to effectively managing any preparations required. The size of this team will vary depending on the scale and objective of your event. Try to keep things tidy, don’t overcommit by making the team too big, as having a large committee rarely works in your favor for these kinds of activities. Create a clear and simple structure where everyone has a good understanding of his and her responsibilities. Last but not least, aim for smaller teams with some form of team leader, who’s also a part of the core management, as this will reduce the number of people sitting around the table making key decisions.

Clarify The Purpose Of Your Event
This is a part of the planning process often being somewhat overlooked, even though it’s equally important as some of the previously mentioned aspects. Ask yourself, why are you holding this event? A great number of people consider organizing an event a wonderful idea, although when confronted on the actual purpose of the event, or its main objective, they’re left unable to clearly articulate its main mission. Make sure you establish a clear vision of your event before breaking out the big guns. This will leave both you, your audience and your team clear on the reason for being there in the first place, enabling a greater awareness and, if your event is business related, better results.


As previously mentioned, setting up the perfect event has had planners and organizers scratch their heads for centuries, so don’t beat yourself up if the task ends up being harder in reality than it was in your head. Weaving together all required components can seem overwhelming at times, and one of the most common solutions to ease of some of the pressure is to reach out to an experienced event organizer.

At Ambrosia, we have guided numerous companies, private people and organizations to set up their perfect event for years. We facilitate 18 different event services for weddings, corporate and other special occasions. We streamline the process, the coordination of planning, and execution of the event. If you’re curious about further resources on how to set up your perfect event, or if you’re interested in some professional guidance, you may continue by checking out our website

What can an Event Planner do for You?

Some people hear the term “event planner” and think it’s a service for the wealthy and privileged. However, event planning is reasonable, helpful, and designed for hard-working, time-strapped families, couples, and individuals.

Events are complex, and no one, outside of a professional event planner, knows all the nuances that come with making a celebration flow smoothly. Event planners hammer out the details for you. They will help you choose catering, venues, and décor, all to your specifications and within your budget.

Contracts for vendors can be daunting and confusing, but you won’t have to worry about them once your event planner is on board. Event planners tend to know all the local vendors, so they can find the best ones to match your event ambiance, and they can also get you special rates and deals.

You will be able to enjoy and participate in the celebration while the event planner takes care of all the specifics. I’m sure you’ve stressed and fussed your way through what was supposed to be a fun party. With an event planner, you’re entirely free to mingle with guests and relax. Many people report feeling like a guest at their own parties when they use event planning services.

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