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“You can expect anything!”: 5 unusual side effects of pregnancy.

The set of symptoms accompanying pregnancy is different for all women. And if some of them know almost everything, then for many it becomes a surprise. Forewarned is forearmed!

“When I learned about pregnancy, I realized that a lot would change in life and in health. The abdomen increased, I felt pain and heaviness in the muscles (this never happened!), And morning sickness was very annoying. But I at least knew about it, and other changes turned out to be a revelation. I want to warn others as well – just know that the result is worth it!

1. Gums can bleed.
I noticed the traces of blood on the toothbrush. This happened about once a week. At first I thought it was a paste or something that I was doing something wrong, and I went to the dentist. When he learned that I was pregnant, he immediately told what the matter was. In pregnant women, progesterone levels increase, which is why blood vessels become larger – and closer to the surface of the gums. It is then easier for them to come into contact with the bacteria in the mouth, which leads to inflammation and easy bleeding. You do not need to do anything, it is important to brush your teeth twice a day and use a mouthwash without alcohol. The appearance of blood in the mouth in the last stages of pregnancy may indicate an early birth.

2. Abdominal pain
I knew about the many manifestations of pregnancy, but not that in the middle will begin spasms in the upper abdomen. Sometimes they “gave” and in the back. The gastroenterologist suspected problems with the gallbladder, which is rather strange, because I ate well and did not gain much weight. It turned out that gallbladder removal is the second most common surgery in pregnant women! Estrogen, which increases the level of cholesterol in bile, is to blame, and it begins to crystallize. The gallbladder ceases to cope with its task and shrinks while eating, causing that same pain. Fortunately, in my case, it did not go away.

3. Runny nose
At some point, it began and was not going to stop. So I learned about rhinitis pregnant. Estrogen causes the tissue in the nose to produce more secretion, and it is useless to fight it. It is important to eliminate the infection, and nothing else to do. Fortunately, after birth, he quickly passes.

4. Saliva
One day my husband said that I woke up with a wet face. It turned out that estrogen can also affect the amount of saliva produced. This is unpleasant, but not harmful. It is recommended to chew gum and brush not only the teeth, but also the tongue.

5. Symphysis
Once it seemed to me that someone was beating me below the navel. It turned out that this symphysite is a divergence of the pelvic bones. One of the reasons is the increased level of the hormone relaxin, due to which the ligaments stretch in preparation for the birth of a child. For childbirth is good, but for the health of the mother – not very. Other options that cause the lower floor to hurt are the location of the uterus and its effect on ligaments, anatomical features, pelvic problems, infections and even sedentary work! As a rule, these reasons do not interfere with childbirth, but it is worth understanding what the matter is so as not to miss something really important. ”