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Why a man makes a proposal to a woman

Why don’t women make an offer? Why does this always happen that way? What is the story behind the fact that a man makes an offer, and a woman gets it?

To understand why men make an offer to women, it is important to understand how the marriage itself develops.
Marriage originated in the Stone Age as a means of creating alliances, as well as organizing scattered groups of people, the land on which they worked, and the goods they produced.
This system of marriage as a means of economic and political progress was almost universal until the end of the eighteenth century, when social norms began to shift towards people choosing their spouses on the basis of love and personal affection, rather than political or economic expediency. And, in any case, it was a radical change, which many considered irrational and almost certainly would have ended in disaster.

Fortunately, people eventually turned away from the idea that women are property that you can buy, sell, or even win. Along with the growth of love marriages, the idea emerged that men are suppliers, and women are educators and beneficiaries of male work. This became most apparent in the 1950s, when marriage was considered the best gift a young woman could receive — at that time it was the best opportunity to get a fortune and a good life.
In fact, men were often encouraged to see themselves as lifeguards for women, since young people were taught that they should “give [women] a value and a goal that society as a whole does not hold — by marrying them”.
In addition, since men had to provide for their wives, the offers were often in accordance with when the men were financially ready for marriage, and not when the bride was ready. In his role as a supplier, the man clearly held the reins when he made the offer.

Obviously, much has changed since the 1950s, but the idea that a man should make a proposal has proved extremely resistant to change. The ritual of the offer of a hand and heart remains now even because of an elementary habit, and the majority do not see anything wrong with that.

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