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Two lovers reunited after 75 years of separation

The former American soldier and the Frenchwoman will finally be together. After 75 years of separation!
American soldier Troy Robbins fell in love with young Frenchwoman Janine during World War II. But fate spread in different directions for many years.

In 1944, Robbins was with his regiment in Brie in northeastern France, where he met Janine.
Their relationship was terminated two months later, when the regiment was forwarded to the eastern front. After returning to America, Robbins married, but he never forgot about Janine.
They were again helped by a French television team making a film about veterans of the Second World War.

TV crews studied the photo and stumbled upon a picture of Janine. The man said that he would like to see her again and the French decided to help him.
The journalists contacted the woman. She remembered Robbins all her life. And even learned English, in the hope that once again meet with him.
The meetings took place in France on the 75th anniversary of the landing in Normandy.

When the couple met 75 years later, the man said: “I have always loved you. You never left my heart. ”
Then he showed her a photo that he had kept all these years.

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