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The woman sat in the elevator for 27 hours and was saved due to wine

A resident of the Italian city of Padua stayed in the cab of a stuck elevator for 27 hours thanks to wine. This was reported by the newspaper Corriere del Veneto.
The incident occurred on Friday, June 28th. At about 9:30 local time, an Italian called an elevator to meet a cleaning lady at the front door and take a box of wine to the cellar. When the elevator stopped, it turned out that there was no emergency button in the cabin to call for help. In addition, the woman did not have any means of communication with her, and the cleaning lady who came in did not hear the cries of the stuck hostess of the apartment – the publication assumes that she has been working in headphones all this time.

On that day, the temperature outside reached 30 degrees, but in a closed elevator car the air warmed up to 50 degrees. The woman admitted that she broke the neck of one of the bottles and drank an alcoholic drink in small portions so as not to die of dehydration.
A day later, the Italian was discovered by her daughter, who was worried that her mother did not answer the phone. She heard a scream from the elevator and called firefighters who released the stuck Italian. It is noted that she did not need medical assistance.