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The most unusual wedding that surprised us

Of course, each couple in love wants to create the brightest wedding – the holiday of love after all. We found several ceremonies that are distinguished by originality.

Indian wedding

Travelers from all over the world fall in love with this country and consider it one of the most attractive places for wedding ceremonies. Wedding ceremonies in India are colorful and fantastic: bright clothes with national patterns, solemn processions, dances, music and songs delight anyone who has ever been to an Indian wedding.

It was probably Indian wisdom and grace that inspired Katy Perry and Russell Brand, who played their wedding in the Indian state of Rajasthan. Instead of the traditional white dress and veil, the singer put on a red sari – one of the main elements of Indian women’s clothing. The American singer paid particular attention to the ornaments: she had a gold earring in her nose, which in India is customary for all brides to wear, the neck was decorated with a necklace, and her hands with numerous bracelets. Yes, and the groom did not hit the face in the dirt – his wedding procession was truly luxurious. Russell Brenda, dressed in national clothes, was accompanied by camels, elephants, horses to the music of traditional instruments.

The actress Elizabeth Hurley and the Indian billionaire Arun Nayyar celebrated their wedding in India on a larger scale. In 2007, the lovers first celebrated a holiday in the English castle of Sadley, where over 250 guests gathered to share the happiness of the newlyweds, among whom Elton John, Victoria and David Beckham, former beloved Liz Hugh Grant and others were spotted. The next step was a luxurious ceremony in India – in the homeland of the groom, the young couple settled in the palace of Umaid Bhavan, and the guests settled in 150 tents. On March 8, a grand march took place. Liz Hurley was wearing a red sari strewn with precious stones and rode an elephant. Arun was moving on a white stallion beside her. They arrived at the Maharaja temple, where a Hindu wedding ceremony was performed. And then the tale only increased: Elizabeth and Arun, showered with rose petals, sat down on a stretcher and went to the ancient fort Meherangar. It was there that the celebration was held in Indian style. According to a long-standing Indian tradition, Liz entertained the guests with a belly dance, and her body was covered with drawings made with henna.

Italian wedding

Italy – one of the most beautiful countries in Europe, which offers many opportunities for weddings and honeymoon trips. Original weddings in Italy – the choice of romantics and lovers of sophistication: ancient cities, villas, scenic spots, beautiful lakes, cozy towns and villages can become decorations for a celebration.

Last May, the magnificent wedding of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West broke off. The star of the reality show, together with her fiancé, first greeted the guests in the luxurious Palace of Versailles in Paris. Lana Del Rey performed in honor of the arrivals, the guests were fed with truffles and treated to expensive champagne, and late in the evening the sky lit up with fireworks. But the ceremony itself was decided to be held in the Italian Fort Belvedere fortress near Florence. By the way, the bride, the groom, and their little daughter North, who was only 11 months old at the time, chose Givenchy outfits for the marriage ceremony. As it turned out, Kim was personally preparing the wedding dress by designer Ricardo Tisci.

Gothic wedding

Today, themed weddings are gaining more and more attention, attracting newlyweds to create a truly memorable day. When planning a holiday in the Gothic style, first of all it should be noted gloomy color and the desire for luxury. This idea is particularly suitable for couples with a violent and rebellious disposition, lovers of luxury and those who want to move away from traditional ideas about the wedding.

Gothic wedding in the style of the XIX century diva burlesque Dita von Teese and Marilyn Manson is considered one of the most original. The presentation, which followed the official part of the marriage, began in the historic Irish County of Tiperry – in the castle, which belongs to a friend of the bride and groom – Austrian-Irish photographer and artist Gottfried Helnwein. Von Teese was wearing a Vivienne Westwood dress. Manson – in a tuxedo in the pirate style of John Galliano. For the entire holiday, Dita Von Teese changed her dresses about 4 times. The newlyweds also took care of the interior. The black and pink kitchen was created in the style of the 50s, the living room breathed echoes of horror films. Several cats strolled past children’s dummies from stores of the early 20th century, past skeletons for medical schools, stuffed two-headed lamb, wooden leg prostheses from the Second World War, Venetian Manson mask and Johnny Depp wig from the movie “Cocaine”.

Another striking example of an amazing Gothic wedding is the story of Andy Monaghan and Tracy. The newlyweds organized a celebration, stylized under the film “The Living Dead.” It turned out really bright and exciting spectacle, despite the fact that the newlyweds were made up perfectly! At the party, even the guests resembled the dead.

Fairytale Wedding

Who among us would not want to be in a real fairy tale and become the hero of a favorite story? Plunge into an incredible world, where there is no place for urban turmoil and traditional stress? Such an unusual tale will not leave anyone indifferent.

Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson got married in 2008. The lovers organized a wedding party in the style of Lewis Carroll’s fairy tale “Alice in Wonderland”. For the holiday, the home of Ashley’s parents was decorated in red and black. Bridesmaids put on black dresses. Even the flowers brought from Ecuador were black. The bride chose an ivory-colored Monique Lhuillier dress and a long veil for the celebration, and the English bulldog named Hemingway, who played the role of the Cheshire cat, made the rings for the newlyweds. The holiday was held in the garden of the house: under huge white tents on the tables were placed bottles with drinks, on which it was written: “Drink me!”, As well as giant cups, teapots and saucers decorated with scarlet roses and bright pink hydrangeas. Snacks were laid out on trays in the form of playing cards. A key element of the decor were huge chairs in the form of hearts, on which the newlyweds settled down.

Beach Wedding

Beach wedding is a paradise for lovers, when away from the noisy cities a couple connect their hearts. You can imagine: the beach, hot sun, white sand, an arch of flowers – a real fairy tale.

A striking example of the beach wedding of celebrities is the ceremony of models Pamela Anderson and Kid Rocha. The bride decided to abandon the traditional white dress, wearing a white swimsuit. And really, in this form on the beach is much more convenient! Kid Rock, apparently, did not think long at all over the formal attire and appeared at his own wedding in jeans and a hat. The wedding party was held on the yacht “Altavida”, moored near the French resort of Saint-Tropez. There were not many guests at the party, but Cindy Crawford and Randy Gerber were among them. They treated the guests to seafood dishes. The most touching moment of the party was the song With or Without You of U2 performed by Rock, dedicated to the beloved.

Less extravagant, but unusually romantic, were the actors, Megan Fox and Brian Austin, who organized their wedding celebration. The lovers preferred a luxurious wedding to a romantic ceremony by the ocean in the Hawaiian Islands. Beautiful Megan put on a delicate white Armani Privé dress with a long train, her fiance was also in a white Armani suit, as well as the sole witness of the celebration – the son of an actor. The wedding ceremony, Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green, was held by the kahuna, a Hawaiian priest.

Flower Wedding

One of the main elements at any wedding is the abundance of flowers. But all the records for decorating the wedding were beaten with flowers in China, when the newlyweds Xiao Wang and Xiao Liu decorated the cars with rosebuds, which made the celebration an unforgettable feeling of romance and love. In total, the decoration took 99 thousand 999 red roses. Just think about it! But how beautiful it is, it is simply impossible to look away.