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The couple opened a wedding gift after 9 years. That’s what was in the box!

The couple opened a wedding gift after 9 years. That's what was in the box!

All newlyweds are given gifts, this is not unusual, writes Newsner. Someone chooses a useful gift, and someone sentimental gift – to your liking.
The story of Katie and Brandon Gunn is something special. You see, Katie and Brandon have been married for 9 years, but have not yet opened their last wedding gift.
A gift was presented by an aunt of the bride, Alison.

An envelope was attached to the white box on which it was written “Do not open until the first disagreement” … They decided to fulfill this wish, and left it in the closet on the shelf.
Of course, during these 9 years they had quarrels and offenses, like all couples, but they did not open the box, and for a completely different reason. This is what Kathy said about this:
“It is obvious that during our 9 years there were a lot of disagreements, disputes and slammed doors. There were even a couple of cases where we both wanted to break up … but we never opened the box.
I sincerely think that we did not want to open the box, because it would symbolize our failure.

For us, this would mean that something in our marriage does not work – and we are both too stubborn and decisive to agree with this. So it made us rethink the situation.
Is it time to open the box? What if it’s not our worst scandal? What to do if we have a worse relationship, and there will be no more boxes? ”
As my great uncle Bill would say: “Nothing can be so bad that it cannot be worse.”
Then one night everything changed. Katie and Brandon put their two children to bed and enjoyed a glass of wine. The conversation began about the upcoming wedding, which they were supposed to attend.
They were animatedly discussing what to give to a young couple. It was then that Kathy remembered what gift left the most indelible impression.

The box stood in the closet for nine years and survived three moves to a new place of residence. The couple did not open it, fearing that in the future there will be a case in which they will need it even more.
However, that evening, when they were talking about the upcoming wedding of their friends, they decided that finally it was time to open the box.
Inside were two letters — one addressed to Brandon, the other to Katie, and also some money.

“Go get some pizza, shrimp, or something that both of you like,” read Katie’s note, while Brandon said, “Go get some flowers and a bottle of wine.”
There was also a crystal flower vase, two crystal glasses, a towel, bath foam and an aromatic lotion. However, Kathy was struck not so much by the objects as the inner message.
“All this time we assumed that this box contains the key to saving the marriage – which we, the younger generation, did not know,” explained Katie.
In the end, my great-aunt and uncle have been married for nearly half a century. And we thought the box would save “us.”
But in fact, the box taught the couple patience, sympathy and compromise, because they could turn to it at the earliest opportunity. But they didn’t have to open the box while they were fighting, and their marriage was really strong.

And what would you put in such a box?

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