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Spouses or Cohabitants: The Danger of Civilian Marriage

Over the past decade, young people began to register their marriage much later, preferring to live together for several years before the wedding. However, civil marriage is not the best form of relationship. And that’s why.
Higher Divorce Rate
Many believe that if a civil marriage is preceded by a formal marriage, the union will be much stronger and more durable. However, statistics suggests otherwise. It turns out that cohabitation before the wedding only increases the risk of divorce in the future.
Lower quality of life
Many studies have shown that the standard of living of couples living in a civil marriage is significantly lower than the standard of living of those who formally fixed the relationship. In addition, “roommates”, as a rule, often change each other and do not get satisfaction in sexual terms. Moreover, women living in a civil marriage are more often subject to physical abuse.

Wedding will not be
In theory, it can be, but not always. According to studies, more than 20% of couples who have lived in a civil marriage from five to seven years, do not marry. Commenting on this, men say that it is just convenient for them to live with a woman, because this frees them from many domestic troubles.